Hey, welcome to the Investor Fuel Show! I’m excited to interview my buddy, Tony Javier. We’ve known each other for a number of years and he’s been doing some amazing stuff generating leads on TV, which not a lot of people are doing. Today, we are going to talk about the power of TV advertising to generate motivated seller leads. 

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Mike: [00:00:00] Hey, everybody.

Welcome to the show. Excited to interview my buddy, Tony Javier here. We’ve actually known each other for a number of years. He’s been doing some amazing stuff with generating leads on TV, which not a lot of people are doing. And that’s, we’re going to talk about the power of TV advertising, degenerate motivated sellers.

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It all starts to come together as friends and builds more fulfilling lives. For all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversations of fueling our businesses and our lives. I’m glad

you’re here.[00:01:00]

Hey, Tony, welcome to the show. Aye. What’s up, man? I always get a, see I, of course I just saw you a couple of weeks ago at investor fuel. So always good to see you. It’s funny when you go to events like that, even my own events. I see so many people in the almost like never get enough time to talk with any one person, because there’s so much going on, but glad we could, uh, glad we could come back around and catch up a little bit.

Tony: Yeah, absolutely. It’s a great event, man. Had a really good time in

Mike: Nashville. Yeah. We’ve got a good group there in Nashville. This is our second time in Nashville. We’re actually rebooking there for next year too. And so I say this about our investor fuel crew in Nashville. It’s like some of them have a little bit too good.

Yeah. Yeah. Um, you know, I think after all, all that everybody’s been through over the past year, a lot of folks are, you know, looking for any opportunity they can to cut loose a little bit so that everybody had go.

Tony: Yeah, I was in bed by nine, but everybody else, it sounds like,

Mike: yeah. I promise you if somebody was there to represent you on the other side

Tony: of that, I’ve heard some stories.[00:02:00]

Mike: So, um, Hey man, I’m awesome. It’s awesome to have you here. We we’ve talked for years that you’ve run an amazing business up in Wichita. Um, and you know, the power of this business is all driven by lead generation, right? I mean, leads are really everything. If you don’t get an opportunity to talk to motivated sellers, The more frequently you can have those conversations, uh, the better your business is going to do.

It’s as simple as that, right?

Tony: Absolutely. Right now, competition is crazy. Like I’ve been in this business 20 years now, and I think five years ago I could start seeing it two to three years ago. I really started seeing it. But man, the market’s gone crazy lately. So every everybody’s popping in real estate.

So getting in front of people and talking to, you know, talking to motivated sellers is the name of the game. Right? Yeah. And the

Mike: interesting thing is, and this is the truth. This is a fact is that, you know, most of the people that we help in this business, whether it was 10 or 15 years ago, when you and I were, were first doing this, or whether it’s today is a lot of that’s driven by things that happen in people’s.

Death divorce, [00:03:00] inheritance problem, rental properties, all those things, those things don’t follow market cycles or anything else. Like those are still real issues that people need help with on their properties. And so for those that are listening right now, yes, it’s competitive. There’s more people talking to those folks, but those situations that are creating opportunities for us.

As business owners and opportunities to serve people have not gone away at all. Right?

Tony: Yeah, absolutely. It’s and it’s all about timing and, and consistency, right? Like I know you run a direct mail company. I, you know, me, I do, uh, and work with, with clients all over the country, doing TV. And it’s all about being consistent and staying in front of people because they may not be selling now and they may not be selling, you know, next month, but, you know, eventually, you know, a lot of those people are going to be selling, right.

So you just got to stay in front of them and stay relevant and, and just let them know that you’re there when, uh, when they are ready to do something.

Mike: Yeah. And the interesting thing, and you know, this, you’ve been doing this for a long time, like real estate investors. This is where [00:04:00] we’re at in this, with this industry.

Like it’s, it’s gotten a little more mature, right? You can’t be as sloppy with your advertising dollars as you used to be. And that’s why, you know, you and I have known each other for a long time. It used to be, you could just throw money at advertising and it, even if you were bad, And how you did it. Like you could, it was still a really good return, right.

Uh, but as, uh, competition has come in as the market’s tightened up, it’s forced people to do some things that, you know, you really make a lot of your money on the fringes. Like you need to be a little bit better, a follow-up you need to have a little bit better data. You need to go do some techniques that not everybody can do, like TV advertising, maybe, and things like that.

Right? So we’re where people are winning right now where some of the top real estate investors are thriving is that they’re doing some things that the average investor still isn’t doing. And, you know, maybe can’t do, or it doesn’t have the funds to do or doesn’t have the patients to do whatever it might be.

But it’s just time if you’re not doing this already to explore some new [00:05:00] avenues and just get better at, you know, how you. How you do everything operationally, right?

Tony: Yeah. You got to set yourself apart from the competition right now. So even if you are cold calling and texting, it’s very competitive, but you need to figure out how to do it differently.

If you’re doing direct mail, you’ve got to figure out how to find the list faster, or, you know, create a message that’s different from everybody else. Uh, and then with TV, I’ve, you know, nine years ago I started TV and literally there was one person. Nine years ago. And the whole country that I heard was doing TV.

And even until now there, I still don’t know that many people that are doing TV outside of our program. So creating something where you can do something different than other people, right. I mean, the, you know, driving for dollars, you can do, there’s not a lot, a lot of people doing that. That’s, you know, more labor-intensive so yeah, you just gotta, you gotta figure out how to find the leads that nobody else knows.

How to find and not fight necessarily over the leads that everybody else is fighting.

Mike: Right. Right. Yep. And [00:06:00] TV advertising. The great thing about that is, is it just sets you apart, right? It just gives you this level of credibility, that the average thing, the average, you know, advertising channels. So I’m excited to talk about it.

So I know you want to get it. Hey, before we jump in, why don’t you tell everybody your background? Cause you’ve got a pretty impressive background of how you found your way here and did everything you do now for other people, for yourself for a long time too, but maybe just kind of tell us how you got to where you are.

Tony: Yeah. So a 20 years ago, college found a latent and found a late night, uh, or saw a late night infomercial, Carleton sheets, no down payment system. So, uh, something just, I saw. Flying up there, you know, I’m making $10,000 a month, I’ve got a hundred rental properties. I, you know, all this kind of stuff. So I’m like, and that’s, that’s when I really saw the, the power of testimonials.

Right. I mean, you know, there’s when you have testimonials and people, you know, say that it’s great, it’s it just makes a huge impact. So just seeing all those testimonials, I was like, man, I got to order this 200 bucks. You know, uh, thing [00:07:00] of CDs, I think they just gone from tape to CDs. That’s how long ago this was, uh, and then got a binder and it was a really simple program, nothing special, just how to buy properties with no money down.

So within, I think it was within like three or four months, I’d closed on, uh, two properties. Uh, had my dad co-signed for me. Um, he gave me the down payment to one, the other one, I just found a lender that was willing to fund a hundred percent of it, uh, on a construction loan because I got such a good deal.

Two properties, no money down. Uh, I ended up first 10 properties I bought and flipped and did the burn method. So I, I feel like I invented the burn method without knowing it. Uh, but yeah, I burned 10 properties, uh, and, you know, had. I can’t remember the numbers, but like within a short amount of time, it had like $200,000 in equity.

I was like 24 years old or something like that. So, uh, so that was super cool. And then ended up getting my real estate license sold for a while and flipped. Uh, and then, so I actually worked, [00:08:00] uh, waiting tables for two years and finished my college degree before I, I jumped full time into real estate, but wow.

Yeah, it’s been great. 20 years of real estate. Um, you know, it’s been, it’s been a lot of ups and downs. I can’t say it’s been glorious throughout the whole whole process, but you know, now I’ve got a great team in Wichita, Kansas runs, you know, my entire flipping and rental operation. Uh, I live in San Diego now moved here six years ago was able to automate my business where it didn’t need me anymore.

Uh, and so it’s just, uh, it’s, it’s been great. You know, starting the business, figuring out how to get myself out of it, which a lot of people don’t know how to do, which I really love helping people do. I’d say TV is w T yeah, probably the top thing I like to work on with investors. Cause I get some results right away.

But the second thing is, is, is, is inspiring them to automate their business, to get out of it so that they don’t have to be in the everyday operations of it. So yeah. And since, since I’ve, you know, since I’ve been able to automate my, uh, my core business of flipping. [00:09:00] Uh, you know, I’ve started coworking space.

So I’ve got a large coworking space in Kansas and we’re getting ready to build onto that. Um, I’ve got a lending company where we lend, uh, you know, down payments to real estate investors and then launched my TV program last year. Uh, you know, I, uh, someone encouraged me to, to, to start showing other investors how to do TV.

And they said, Hey, uh, you know, we, we need another marketing channel. Uh, and you know, a lot of other investors need a new marketing channel is just getting super competitive. You’re the only guy that I’ve ever heard do in TV. Why don’t you show other investors how to do it? And so we, we launched last year and it’s, it’s going gangbusters.

You know, not a lot of people doing TV in any given market. And, uh, we’re going grown very rapidly. Yeah.

Mike: Awesome. Awesome. So what are some of the benefits of TV? I know you’ve got a few things we’re going to go through today as to why TV advertising makes sense. So maybe kind of start off by telling us, you know, what, what are some of the benefits?

Tony: Yeah. I’ll give you the top five benefits that I like to talk about. There’s so many more, but for the sake of time, I, you know, I’ll limit it to [00:10:00] five on, on, uh, on the show here, but, um, you know, the first one is credibility. Like there’s nothing that builds credibility. Uh, in real estate investing and probably for any business in general than TV commercials, it’s like, once you get on TV, people just look at you differently.

Right. So I live in San Diego, anytime I go to Wichita, people just start talking to me like they know me. Right? Like, it’s just, it’s just a different conversation. Uh, raising private money is a lot easier, you know, when someone refers a private lender to me in Wichita, they’re like, oh, I’ve seen you on TV for years.

Within a week, they wire me money for a deal. I mean, it’s just, it’s just a different conversation. Um, it’ll build credibility for all your other marketing. You know, people will call off our direct, uh, direct mail or, you know, other marketing we do and say, Hey, we’ve got other people that have sent students to us or contacted us, but you know, we’ve seen your commercials.

So we decided to call you. Um, and, and, you know, so it’s helped our other forms of marketing. So just the credibility factor I think is, is, is one of the big things that a [00:11:00] lot of other, um, Pretty much, no other marketing, uh, method really has. Right. And then, you know, the second thing I can say is little to no competition.

Like I just mentioned, like, if you go into any market, If I’m on a call with someone like, Hey, I want to get into, you know, let’s say Dallas, Texas, uh, I’ll ask them. I bake. How many other people do you know, doing TV in your market answers? Usually zero don’t know anybody else doing TV. And if there is anybody doing TV, there might be one.

I think I know one market where there’s two other investors doing TV outside of our program. And so, you know, think about one, two, even three people on TV compared to hundreds, if not thousands doing texting cold calling. And some of the, some of the methods that are really competitive. Um, so just standing out from the competition is, is, is, is a, is a, is a huge thing.

Uh, and then number three, high ROI,

Mike: I think about the competition that I want to say to you that, cause you said, you said this. When you send direct [00:12:00] mail people, uh, it actually improves other channels too, just because you have this, because you can say as seen on TV, I don’t know if anybody wants to do this with texting or cold calling, but in theory they could say when they had a conversation, did you happen to see our commercial on TV?

I mean, then people would know, I’ll tell you this. I get a lot of text. Somehow people have gotten my cell phone number. Actually a lot of the houses that they’re texting on are not even houses that I own or ever owned. I don’t know how that’s happened, but, and I get more texts for houses that I don’t know.

And then the ones that I do own, but, uh, nobody has ever said. Want to talk about your house, curious if you saw us on TV or something like that, or that that would stand out from the types of texts that I get

Tony: for sure. No, that’s interesting. I got a client that is super heavy on texting and, and we were talking through like different things and, and, uh, and I was like, why don’t you say, why don’t you create a little, uh, webpage that has your TV commercial and a little bit about TV and you know, that kind of thing.

And when you text people. Um, you know, you can either do it on the first text or you can do it on there. I think you can only do it on the reply. I think now [00:13:00] you can’t send domains in, in text as well through some carriers. So when someone replies. Say, Hey, by the way, we’ve seen our TV commercial we’ve, you know, and just do a little spiel on it, but the TV commercial on a webpage, and I bet you that would, that would cause a lot of credibility.

Mike: I’m sure it would because it makes you stand out from all the other stuff

Tony: you’ve seen. Yeah, totally, totally. Yeah. One a hundred people, text message you, which I think at this point, it’s probably close to a hundred people that I’ve had text messaged me about properties because we own a lot in Wichita.

It’s like if someone was. Put something out there that had way more credibility. I would be way more likely to say, okay, let’s talk and you know, maybe give me an offer on, on some of my properties. Right, right, right. Yep.

Mike: Cool. Cool. So we’re going to get into the ROI. Go ahead and talk about that.

Tony: Yeah. ROI. I mean, you know, uh, last year we did 11 times return on our money on TV and um, so, you know, ROI, if, you know, Marketing campaigns.

If you can do two to three times, it’s [00:14:00] decent. If you can do her five times, you’re doing really well. So to get an 11 times return on investment, and we have a lot of clients that are, uh, that are in that, you know, 10 X, a 10 X ROI, um, there’s nothing, nothing better than getting a high return on investment.

Um, especially with a high return on time, which is the number four benefit I like to talk about because TV doesn’t take a lot of time. Like I spent three hours last year on my TV commercials. It was basically shooting a one new commercial and looking over the, uh, the budgets with my, uh, with my media guy.

Cause he does most of the work on the back end. Um, so. Knowing that I spent three hours last year on TV, which is my best and highest returning marketing method. And I got an 11 X return on investment. I don’t know of any other marketing channel that you could spend as little time and get such a high return on your investment.

Mike: Can you talk a little bit about the investment side? Like I think some people stay away from TV because they think like, I could never afford that, but I [00:15:00] know in talking to you that it depends on the size of the market you’re in. Right. Um, but it’s not as much as what the average person would probably.

Tony: Yeah, it’s a huge barrier of entry to get into TV. Um, number one is the mental mindset. So two things happen, either. One is it’s too expensive, right? Or two, I don’t want to be on TV. Right? Like, you know, there’s typically those two things that they get people from even thinking about doing TV. And then, you know, there’s, there’s other obstacles.

Like people will call a station. Like I’ve had clients that have, that have said, Hey, I heard about your program. I looked at TV last year, a few months ago, whatever it was, it was just way too expensive. And they got quoted like $15,000 to be on one station. And I look at their numbers and I’m like, actually for between five and 10 grand.

John like four stations. And it’s because we know what works. We have a, have a media buyer and negotiates the rates for you. So, you know, the stations are going to try and sell you the most expensive stuff, which typically doesn’t work because we’ve tried the expensive stuff. Um, so we can get you a lot of [00:16:00] commercials on multiple stations for, uh, for a fairly low ad spend.

So, you know, there’s some big markets where you’re gonna have to spend 10, 10 grand plus that’s just. You know, that’s just the nature of, of the, of the market because you’re hitting millions and millions of people, but most markets, I would guess, 80 to 90% of markets, you can get away with like a $5,000 a month budget, which as, you know, a direct mail campaign or anything you do that, you know, produces results.

You’re probably spending 500. Chances chances are right. So

Mike: that’s not that much in the grand scheme of things, for

Tony: sure. Yeah, totally, totally. So, so yeah, and then, you know, the last, but not least is just higher quality leads, you know, um, if you’re doing outbound marketing, which you’re reaching out to them and trying to get them to give you their information, um, you’re going to get a lot of crappy leads.

They’re going to kick tires. They’re going to text you back and say, yeah, give me an offer. When really they’re, you know, they’re going to want full retail price. There’s so [00:17:00] many different things that people will give you their information when they’re not really serious. But if someone takes time to see a commercial, pick up the phone or go on your website and actually fill out a form.

It’s just a much higher quality lead. Um, and not only that, but the leads are easier to talk to because you’re not having to convince them that you’re a credible buyer. If you’re on TV, going back to, you know, number one is you’ve already built a credibility and you know, so the conversation’s going to be much different.

So the quality of leads higher and the quality of conversation is going to be higher because they’re not, you know, You know, try and trying to dig and see if you’re really serious, or if you’re really a buyer. I mean, if you’re on TV, they know you’re serious.

Mike: That’s a huge part of the initial conversation is trying to let people know that you’re legit right.

Through most other channels is they want to know. Yes, we can help you. Yes. You’ve been around for a long time. You have been doing this for 10 years, whatever it might be is you, we tend to, we tend, our scripts tend to be front heavy, that, you know, we’re real. We can help you type thing. And [00:18:00] it seems like TV would cut right.

Tony: Yeah, absolutely. We’ve been on TV for nine years. And even, even, you know, clients that have been a TV for just a few months, you know, they’ll get comments of like, I know you guys are a legit buyer cause you’re on TV, you know, just kind of like comments like that. Um, so without a doubt, I mean just blowing through the, the points here, I mean just higher ROI, high return on time.

Super automated. Uh, builds a lot of credibility. I mean, there’s nothing, nothing better than I’ve done for my business over the last 20 years than to do TV commercials. And I tell people this all the time and I really mean this. If I didn’t run start TV commercials nine years ago, I don’t know that I’d really have that much of a, of a business because I get most of my leads and most of my deals from TV commercials right now.

And, you know, it’s just in so much for me in, in my, in my current market. Yeah, that’s

Mike: awesome. That’s awesome. So what are the, you talked a little bit about, some people think it’s too expensive, which is interesting. Cause I know people that have done, uh, I have some experience with [00:19:00] TV and radio as well and, and you’re right.

People will. In fact, we w there was kind of a joke about it at the last investor fuel. There was a guy that’s a member that he used to sell radio spots. Two people. And there are some people in the group that were starting to do radio. And he just kind of said, man, I would’ve loved to like sold radio to you guys.

Cause you’re all over pain, you know? So there’s always this, like these rates that somebody could get way cheaper than what kind of the rack rates are, what you just have to know who those relationships, you have to find those people. Right. I don’t know why. I don’t know why the industry is set up that way, but it just is.

Tony: Yeah. And it’s all about who you talk to. Right. It’s kind of like being a buyer’s agent or having a buyer’s agent. Like if you go and buy a house and you don’t know anything about buying a house fall in love with the house, if you don’t have an agent guiding you, you’re probably going to overpay for that house.

Right. But if you have a realtor, that’s like, you know what? The comms are a little bit lower. We can negotiate, we can ask for this and that you’re just going to get a better deal. Right. And so that’s, that’s why, [00:20:00] when I launched my TV program, I brought my media buyer along and I said, okay, if we’re going to do this, I want not only want to teach people how to do commercials, but I want to make it as easy as possible for them.

So I want you to negotiate the commercials or the rates and the commercials from the stations like you did for me. Uh, I want you to. Produce the commercial, which that by itself, if you hire a company, they could charge you thousands. If not, you know, whatever the number is. I know people that have paid 10 to 25 grand for a TV commercial, which is crazy.

Um, so for us to be able to get that for such a low price, I mean, it just makes it a lot easier to get on TV and just, just cuts the learning curve down. People have tried to get on TV themselves. And again, it’s, they, they feel like it’s too expensive and they just spin their wheels, trying to get all the pieces together.

And luckily we’ve been able to put all those pieces together and, you know, we can launch someone in typically in like 30 days. Oh, wow.

Mike: That’s awesome. That’s great. Yeah. That’s great. So what are some, what are some, are there any other misconceptions conceptions that kind of [00:21:00] keep people away from doing TV advertise?

Tony: Um, I think mainly what I talked about just too expensive. Um, the work, the work it takes to do it. So I’ve got a high level guy. That’s doing hundreds of deals a year, and he’s like, I’ve thought about TV, but I don’t have the brain power for it. And he’s like, how much am I going to, how much time I’m running, I’ve spent on TV or on this, on this marketing method to get, to get it going.

I’m like, just give me. Three hours of your time. That’s all I need. Just give me some info, give me some domains, give me some phone numbers, you know, go shoot the commercial. That’s all I need from you. So, uh, I think the time factor and just putting it all together. Cause like if I said, Mike, go do. I mean, you’re a smart guy.

You could figure it out. But if I said, go do TV commercials, you’d be like, where do I start? Okay. I need to, and you, you would probably have to spend a lot of time figuring out who to call, what the script’s going to be. What stations do you be on when you call, when you call a representative, do you feel like you trust them?

Are they just selling you the most [00:22:00] expensive stuff? Which usually they do? Um, yeah. I mean, there’s just so many barriers to entry. You know, that’s, you know, that’s why I feel like there’s not much competition. And really, even with our program, I still feel like there’s, there’s not going to be that much competition in most markets.

You know, you just

Mike: said something that was kind of, that was made me think of just how cheap real estate investors are, where we’re like, I’ll just do it myself. And I’m at a point now where I’m like, If somebody can do something for me, or I could partner with somebody like, I’ll just like, give me, give me the link.

Where do I pay? How do I get this done? Because my time is so valuable and I wasn’t always that way. I used to like be on the cheap with everything. But I think when you get to a point to where you’re like, my time is the most valuable asset I have. Why would I go try to climb this learning curve, which I probably will take forever.

To learn how to get there compared to TV. Somebody like you, that’s been doing this for a long, long time. Right. And so, you know, I hope that most people that are listening to this show are, you know, more like that because, or moving in [00:23:00] that direction, if you’re not because your time is, we all got into this business for more freedom of time, right.

And time and money too. But then you realize at some point. Making money or is easier than getting my time back. So don’t waste your time on things that somebody else could figure out for you in a fraction of the time. And probably ultimately for a fraction of the cost, you

Tony: know? Yep. Pay for speed and pay for results.

And even like going back to the automation thing, like people are like, I don’t want to hire someone. It’s going to be, you know, expensive. It’s going to cut into my profits and this and that. And it’s like, why are you being so cheap? Like just pay for someone else to do the things that you don’t like to do.

And that you think are going to get results in your business is going to scale so much faster. For sure. For sure.

Mike: So Tony, I know you’re working with a lot of investor fuel members now, which is really amazing. We just had our event a couple weeks back. And so you have been in the group for, I think about six months now, would you mind just kind of sharing your experience of, um, what investor fuel has been like for you?

Tony: Oh, it’s been great. Um, you know, I had a couple of my, my people go to the last, uh, the meeting before this last Nashville [00:24:00] meeting, uh, in Dallas and they loved it and created a lot of great relationships. Uh, I was able to go to the first one in Nashville and I mean, Ton of good people, like super good people, people doing a ton of deals.

Um, you know, I had drinks with a few guys that just, just, I know they’re going to be good relationships guys that are like just super cool guys and, and, and are doing a high volume of deals. Uh, and then just being around, you know, high quality people. And any time you can get around. Uh, people that, that are doing, uh, you know, some, some of the best things in the industry, you know, you learn from what they’re doing.

Um, you learn from what mistakes they’re making, um, and just the connections again, with just the people and being able to have high level conversations, uh, with, with you Mike, and just anybody else in the group has been, uh, what was amazing this, this last time around.

Mike: Yeah. Awesome. Well, glad, glad to have you in the group there.

So that’s where all about is just giving and sharing what’s working and what’s not. And I think a lot of people that joined the group, you and I actually met in a different mastermind many, many years ago now. And a [00:25:00] lot of them have different cultures, you know, but our culture is very much centered around giving and being vulnerable and sharing what’s working and being, not being afraid to talk about.

What’s not working and yeah. What kind of failures and stuff. Cause that’s how we grow. So excited to have you in it.

Tony: My friend. Yeah. And the other thing I’ll say about that is that no egos in the room, like with yours, it’s like, it is it’s giving and it’s sharing. It’s no one that’s like, Hey, I’m doing a hundred or 200 deals a year.

Like some of the guys you’re looking at them and you’re like, do you even do any deals? And you know, cause they’re quiet and they’re, you know, they’re not like flashy. And it’s like, oh dude, that guys do, I’m like, you know, a hundred, three to 200 deals a year, you know, it’s like, That kind of group. So, no, I really like it.

And I’m looking forward to many more meetings and connecting with the there’s a lot more great people.

Mike: Awesome, buddy. Well, Hey, if folks want to connect with you on, um, your TV program, you can have a done for you program that honestly, when you and I talked about it, I was kinda surprised. I don’t want to give away anything here, but you told me the price.

I honestly, I thought you’re undercharging. So, but, uh, it’s, it’s really a pretty amazing thing. Well, how do folks get ahold of you to [00:26:00] learn

Tony: more about. Yeah. So, um, we, we, there’s some semi I call semi market exclusivity. So we have usually two sometimes on the, in the big markets, three, uh, three people run a TV commercials per market.

Uh, so if you want to see if your market is not taken and apply, cause we do also, uh, screen people who come into the program. We want to, um, keep our very, very high success rate, um, go to real estate, masters, tv.com. Again, real estate, masters, tv.com. Uh, just a quick application, set up a call with me or my team.

And, um, we can go over pricing and, and all that kind of stuff. And, and we have a lot of clients that are also doing multiple markets. So even if your market’s taken, if you want to pick another market, do some, uh, some virtual markets. I’ve got two virtual markets that I’m doing right now with other people.

Um, it’s super easy to plug and play and to. And to not only your market, but other, also other markets. If, if you decide you want to do that route as well. Awesome.

Mike: Awesome. So we’ll add a link right down below in the [00:27:00] show notes here, for those of you that weren’t able to write that down, but Tony, great to see you, my

Tony: friend.

Yeah. Thanks Mike. Appreciate you. Thanks for

Mike: sharing so much today. And for those of you that are listening, I mean, you know, at the end of the day, it’s important to work with people that you trust, right? And so whether it’s working with Tony or whatever you do, like don’t take the cheap route. I’ve seen so many people come and go in this industry because they try to take the cheap route.

I try to not. They don’t try new things, right. They just kind of get stuck in their old ways. And if this Marcus Marcus has taught us anything, it’s you gotta try, you gotta try new things. You gotta get serious about your business to treat it like a business. So, uh, along those lines, if you haven’t yet, uh, talk to us about investor fuel.

Our next meeting is right around the corner here. We have an amazing group of about 150, uh, people that join us every quarter for our events. And we have all sorts of other things that happen almost every week online, go to investor fuel.com. You can schedule a call with us and learn a little more. Till then see you on the next episode,

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