Welcome back to the show, everybody! I’m really excited to have my good friend, James Kolde, on the show today. He’s been a member of Investor Fuel for several years, and he and his business partner have built an impressive business. Today, we are going to talk about his journey on how to build a business that stands the test of time, from how to brand to always doing the right thing, and much more! This is an amazing show; let’s get started!

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Mike: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show. I’m really excited to have my good friend James Coldy here. He is been a member of Investor Fuel for several years and he and his partner have built a, and their team have built a really impressive business. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about today, is how to build a business that stands the test of time from how you brand it, to always doing the right thing, to testing lots of things to make sure.

Mike: That you are constantly optimizing your business. It’s gonna be an amazing show if you’re looking to scale your business up, so stay tuned.

Mike: Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. In fact, real estate is just a vehicle of freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country meet several times a year at the Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends and build more fulfilling [00:01:00] lives For all of those around us on today’s show, we’re gonna continue our conversation of fueling our businesses and fueling our lives.

Mike: I’m glad you’re here.

Mike: Hey James, welcome to the show, buddy.

James: Hey, uh, thanks for having me, Mike.

Mike: Yeah, appreciate it. Glad to have you here. I think I’ve been trying to get you on the show for a long time, and finally, finally, reeled you in.

James: Right. You know, I’m our guy to pin down sometimes.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. So, um, hey, I’m excited to talk about this.

Mike: You guys have built, uh, an amazing business and I know you’re, um, still focused on growth and still focused on how to pull yourself as an owner more and more outta the business. Uh, but I know it didn’t start that way. So tell us a little bit of the backstory about where you came from and how you got to where you’re today.

James: Uh, the quick backstory was, is, uh, My business partner now, he was, uh, flipping a few houses and he needed a job suit. I was a firefighter. [00:02:00] Um, so they let me do it cause I only work 10 days a month. So, uh, all of a sudden I flipped three or four of ’em for him and he’s like, Hey, you want to go into business?

James: I’m like, sure. I know the construction side and I can, I’m good with people. He’s like, all right, I know the business side. We sat at a bar, we wrote down that we were gonna do 30 houses and a year. Mike? We did in three months. Yeah. Wow. Um, I quit my job. I, um, our first hire was my wife. And to be honest with you, had no clue what the hell, how this was gonna work out.

James: I just knew that I’m good with people, I can get deals. So I quit. After 15 deals that we got, we pretty much fixed and flipped everything. So I’ve been in every spot of our business from, from day one, from acquisitions to hanging cabinets to doing clean outs. Um, I’ve been there the whole way through. Yeah.

James: Yeah. So, so yeah, I just literally fell into it, to be honest with you. Never knew anything about it. So I got six and a half, seven years under my belt [00:03:00] mouth.

Mike: Yeah, that’s great. So you guys started in what, like 2016 ish or so?

James: 17. Yeah, 17. Late 2017 is when I was flipping those houses for Jason, and then we turned it into a, uh, so about six years.

James: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. I like to say this is our seventh buying season, but really our, our sixth year cause ok. We started up, you know, we didn’t have an office already. You’re doing

Mike: about how many, I know it’s up and down and the markets changed things. But you’re doing about how many deals a year now?

James: Um, we’re doing close to 200.

James: Okay. Um, and then we also do, uh, typical listings also Yeah. For the team. So we, we do it, we do, you name it, we do it.

Mike: Yeah, well that’s one of the things we’re gonna talk about is like how to monetize everything you possibly can. And I think that’s where we are. You guys have been doing that, you know, for quite some time.

Mike: But that’s kind of where we are in the market now, is being able to monetize everything. So let’s kind of jump into building, uh, a, what I’ll call a real business, like one that has a a, a big team, lots of employees. And, and that’s the only way you can ultimately pull yourself outta the business and [00:04:00] truly be an owner, is to scale up.

Mike: And that doesn’t have to be everybody’s goals, but I know that that’s. Part of your goal. So I wanted to kinda get into, um, you know, a little bit about what your team looks like, and you guys have been focused from very early on to building a team because, you know, you have some limitations on what you’re good at and what you can’t even do.

Mike: Right. I’m,

James: um, I’m a C student who hires A players. I’m, I’m a hundred percent that, uh, the book, you know, I mean, that’s exactly what it’s about. My, uh, a hundred percent specialty is, is, is, uh, is with people. Connecting with people, emphasizing with people when they’re, when they’re, somebody died in their family or you know, mom and dad passed away.

James: It just that they connect really well. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not your traditional, um, sales guy either. I go in there with a hockey jersey, I go in there just looking like the Dallas

Mike: Stars jersey, right?

James: No,

Mike: that’s a long story. That’s an inside, that’s an inside joke, guys, so, yeah. Yep, yep, yep. [00:05:00] So,

James: uh, yeah, it’s, and, and that’s what they like.

James: I always tell people, you know, that are, uh, typical agents, they drink the Kool-Aid. Cause in this business you have to think outside the box. You have to be different. And, and that’s what I was, I was different. I was dealing with people that didn’t want us, somebody to show up in a. Maserati and get out and with their golf clubs, you know, and I just got done playing 18 holes of golf.

James: No one cares dude. No one cares. I just truly like, we truly like to help people. Do I want some of that stuff too? Absolutely. I’m not gonna lie, but I, I’m not one to, to show it, let’s put it

Mike: that way. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So talk a little about the, the team, like building out your team and I guess the early stages of what the vision you had and then kind of what it’s turned into.

Mike: So the

James: early stages we started with, um, Basically somebody answer the phone, um, answering leads manager, and then it went from leads manager to. Um, well, we actually hired my wife. She was the first person, she pretty much did everything right outta the gates. [00:06:00] Then we needed, we started doing TV commercials right away and we needed a leads manager to, to lead all that to push me to the sales.

James: Uh, then we hired another sales guy. I trained him in, and then it just grew so fast that we ended up getting, um, Five to six acquisitions people, and then we’re like, I don’t wanna run the business. It got to the point where I need, I’m managing them and I’m not doing what I’m really good at. It’s actually getting deals.

James: And so we decided that we’re gonna hire a, um, a, a coo. And so we hired a COO to, um, put our vision to, um, where it’s at. I mean, now, I mean now it’s, it’s great. I feel very blessed to be where we’re at. But you do have to start small, but you have to have that vision, that knowing you’re gonna grow. Yep. Um, there’s some guys out there, Mike, that make this business look really glamorous.

James: It’s not, and if I’m talking to the true people that are listening to this pod, uh, this channel, they [00:07:00] know that. But is it a great business? Is it, does it give you freedom? Hell yeah. It gives you freedom. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. You know, that’s what everybody loves. I’ve sold more homes on vacation than I had.

Mike: Yeah.

Mike: We’ve joked about that for years, is that our business tends, tends to do better when I’m away than when I, if I’m on vacation somewhere, like, cuz I just get out of the way. Right. And people are getting stuff done. I’m not giving ’em new things to work on or whatever it might be.

James: But, um, so then the ultimate goal, Mike, was to get, uh, Jayden and I out of the day-today, all the time.

James: And we just hit it. We just hit that. Um, in all honesty, I’m at the point now where I’m just gonna do stuff in my, I live about an hour away from the office on the north side. And so I’m just gonna do what I do best up here and, and let, uh, our COO run the business and I’m on the advisory and I don’t, you know, it’s what do I do next?

James: But I, I, I’ve actually achieved that goal. Sorry if I ruined the, uh, the surprise at the end, but

Mike: that was gonna be the ending, dude, I told you [00:08:00] my bad. No, no, I’m joking. So, but let’s talk about, um, in terms of, um, you know, one of the things that, I don’t know exactly if you guys have been doing this from the beginning, and there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of investors that would also list the deal or refer a listing out, but you guys offer, you know, a few options.

Mike: You go in and here’s your cash price. Here’s, uh, what you could do to list it. And I don’t know, we don’t have to go into the details of exactly how you introduced that, but talk about like when you introduced being able to do listings and other exit

James: strategies. Listing comes at the very end. Mike. We, we wanna make sure that everybody knows on our, what was that?

James: You don’t wanna

Mike: cannibalize yourself for sure. Right, right,

James: right, right, right. Listing only comes at the very end. Okay. They saw our commercial, they’re calling us. They want a cash off. So you, you arrive with your cash hat on. And how many times do you know this as well as I do? You arrive to a house. And this thing is beautiful.

James: I mean there’s, you know, oh, I’m sorry for the mess. I’m like, okay, there’s no mess. [00:09:00] Yeah. And they wanna cash offer and you know that’s not gonna work for them. It’s just you. I mean, what is it? Only one, 2% people work for on the cash side. So I don’t wanna lose the deal. So then you just, you, hey, you’re probably not gonna like the cash offer.

James: You still give it to ’em, but then you turn around and put your. Real estate hat on. I can also list your house. Uh, two, depending on which side you choose on. Right. So it’s giving them that option. Again, you don’t roll it out, you just have that when you know it, you’re not gonna be able to use it, if that

Mike: makes sense.

Mike: And you, do you guys do something else too? Do you like, do you do like a fix and list type thing or, um, what, what are the different offers that you typically give? Cash price. You could possibly list it if you have to. What? Isn’t there something else you do too? Well, we

James: do, we call it a 14 day. We tell people we’re wholesaling their property.

James: Okay. Hey, you, you want to just have a cash price? We’ll give you a cash price, but we also give you what we call as a 14 day and we can give you more money. Um, [00:10:00] you know, you just sell it against the, the, the cash site. You want it super easy or you want it, it, it starts to get harder as you start moving from left to right.

James: Right. It, it just, Mike, again, it’s just doing the right thing. It’s not steering them on anything. It’s like you’re truly, Hey, I’m here to help. You know, I always say that we’re a full solution real estate company. You have an issue, let’s figure out how we can solve that problem.

Mike: Yeah, and I’d say historically, even for me, like we weren’t, we weren’t licensed and we didn’t try to get listings.

Mike: I mean, there have been periods of time over the years where I would partner with somebody and I’m like, we’re gonna send all of our listing opportunities to you. And it was just never a sizable opportunity. And part of it is you, it’s that transfer. It’s, yeah, the transfer is hard. The handoff is hard.

Mike: Right. But, but I, I, I absolutely understand the value of it now of. It’s not about hitting home runs, it’s about helping the person and trying to be a solution to them for one and two E, even if it’s a little bit of money, it allows you to at least offset your marketing costs and kind of recoup some of [00:11:00] your expenses.

Mike: Here’s this, do that in the first place.

James: Here’s a really good solution for everybody who’s, who’s listening is you don’t, you don’t necessarily let that person who’s offering the cash list it. That’s, that’s the mistake that I made in the beginning. What you do is you, it’s a soft handoff to Oh yes, we can list this property for you.

James: Um, and then I’m gonna get, uh, Susie, uh, she’s, she’s part of the team, and then all of a sudden Susie just kind of rolls in there. Yeah. And she gets part of it. The initial agent now gets paid, uh, just for handing it off and then, and then the company gets paid.

Mike: Yeah. And you’re, and by the way, I, I, I know the context of that.

Mike: Even your, and this is gonna become required ultimately everywhere, but even your, uh, acquisitions managers are licensed, right? Correct. Yep. So you’re saying we’re licensed, you want them to be acquisitions and not a, not an agent. Correct.

James: Not a listing agent. Yeah. Right. And that’s, again, that’s what, that’s the, we made that mistake, but it was also in the [00:12:00] very beginning is that’s how I could get people to come work for us.

James: Hey, I’ll give you half. We made an extra 250, um, for the company because we were making, uh, listings also now. Who knows if we lost some of those to cash deals. But then when we came up with the right, um, pattern, let’s say, um, and, and then it started, it worked out, started working out a lot better. Yeah.

James: Yeah, because they wanna push

Mike: that cash. So you mentioned a moment ago doing, doing the right thing. Now you guys and, and I happen to have some context. Because obviously you guys are in my group and were friends and everything that you guys have really built up a, a strong brand. Maybe you could talk about that for a second.

Mike: And then you mentioned doing the right thing, and, and I know that, um, like your fa, you and Jayden’s faces are on the brand, right? Like you’re, you’re a part of that brand, right, wrong or indifferent. That’s just how it is now. And I think that holds you to a different level of accountability to do the right thing because.

Mike: It’s gonna come back to [00:13:00] you directly. And not that every business owner shouldn’t do the right thing, but talk about, tell a little, talk a little about your branding to get some context and then talk about, um, always doing the right thing and what that means for you.

James: Um, doing the right thing, um, obviously with a brand is really huge, Mike, because we don’t ever wanna tarn the brand.

James: Yeah. Um, and so it actually makes us. It, it, we’re always looking at something, you know, we’re always looking at the brand. You, you can drive down the road and see my big old melon on a billboard, you know? Um, but it’s, it’s, it’s out there. Uh, what I’m, again, I, I don’t want to, we don’t want to tarnish the brand, and so doing the right thing is, is maybe not.

James: Somebody says they want $50,000 for their property, and it’s worth, you know, your, your algorithm comes up and it’s probably worth a hundred. Give them 90, you know, that’s how I look at it. Because you are [00:14:00] still making your spread. You’re still, these people have no clue. You know these people who call us, they’re down on their luck.

James: I mean, you think about, I mean, you know that you, you’ve seen your, the clientele, so you wanna make sure that doesn’t all of a sudden circle back and all of a sudden somebody says, oh, this, this person took my house for 50, then I could easily got 90 for it. Uh, obviously that’s just a quick example, but I, again, it is just doing the right thing, helping somebody out.

James: Um, I don’t know how many times we’ve, uh, we helped somebody move. I don’t recommend it all the time, but you know, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna lie. I’m just

Mike: unintended consequences of that, but Yeah. Well, right,

James: right. Um, so it’s, it’s, it’s always helping out. So yeah, doing the right thing is, is a hundred percent for the branding.

James: It’s a a hundred percent for our longevity of our company. And if that’s where, again, you have to have goals. And Jayden and I have always had those goals of having this longevity of everybody knows our logo, our, [00:15:00] um, Minnesota home guys. Um, that’s, that’s, that’s our ultimate, uh, I don’t even wanna say legacy, but Cause that’s a little

Mike: deep.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. And you guys have, just to give some context for people listening, you, you guys have like, Kind of cartoon caricatures of your, of yourselves, right? Yes. Really. Buff bodies and oversized

James: heads or something like that. Hey, whatever. That’s, what do they say? The camera, but gains. You know, you gain 15, 20 pounds when you’re a cartoon.

James: You can do whatever you want.

Mike: That’s funny. Yeah. So let’s talk a little about investing in your team. You guys have a good sized team now. Like how many people do you have on your team?

James: Um, I believe now there’s 16 in house and. Four or five that are either virtual or just happen to live in another state.

James: Yeah, yeah. Um, but they’re just,

James: To do, um, uh, we try to do quarterly events for the team. It’s really about making sure we get back [00:16:00] to the team when they do a kickass job. You know, you, you need to make sure take care of your people. That’s huge.

Mike: Yeah. That’s great. That’s great. So talk a little bit about investing in your team and, and in yourselves too.

Mike: Obviously you guys are in. Investor fuel. So you invest, invest a lot in yourselves as well, but just talk about kind of your team and then investing in yourself. The power, um, investing in the

James: team is, uh, we get people like Jerry Green to come out and, uh, and, and teach them some different skills that, uh, that Jerry has to offer, which I have to highly recommend.

James: He, he did a kick ass job. Um, the, the team is still just still raving about it. So I’ll take my role to checks Jerry when we’re giving that out. Um, and then investor fuels awesome. Now, my wife doesn’t necessarily always like it when we. And the reason Mike, and I’m not trying to scare you or set you up or anything, is cause we come back with all these great ideas and we wanna implement ’em all at the same time.

James: Everyone’s like, whoa, whoa, whoa. And you

Mike: [00:17:00] ask her to do it all. Yeah. Right?

James: So what we’ve actually learned is, okay, we hear, start to hear things a little bit more. Let’s try to do, maybe do one or two, not all 10 of ’em that we learned at every meeting, right? Um, but going, being at an investor fuel with other people that are in our business.

James: So stinking awesome. And I think I was telling you before the show started, um, I love even seeing these people that are in the little bit of the lower group that, you know, I could see their eyes where mine were back then. Holy crap, this is what I wanna do this. And I’m like, yeah, we’re there. Oh, really?

James: And, and that just makes me exciting too, that just seeing their faces. So it’s been great. It’s, it’s very motivation all for me to, to go and then come back and go all.

James: Yeah, no,

Mike: I think it’s a chance to refresh. It’s a chance to get, we just, I just got back from a vacation. I mean, anytime you kind of pull yourself outta your element and you go somewhere else, you have a chance to reflect, and especially when you’re [00:18:00] around other people that are like you. So you hear some little nuggets, some ideas give you a chance to iterate and think about something you tried and how to do it a little bit differently based on maybe something you heard from somebody else.

Mike: Right? There’s lots of little, little nuggets. It doesn’t take much to move the needle either, right?

James: It doesn’t take much. But not only that, uh, Mike, as you see the, you start to see the trends. So we know if a lot of stuff happens on the west side, it starts to trend over. So sometimes because there’s other guys that are on, you know, the west side that Kevin, all those guys that, uh, who the firefighters down there, west

Mike: side talking about

James: the West coast.

James: Yeah, west coast. Yeah. Right. And everything kind of slowly, obviously heads this way. So it’s nice to be able to get a little heads up and, hey, this is what’s happening. Right, right. With when you get all these people and then you’re, you’re, you’re more than likely to share and not so much golden nuggets. I mean, sometimes they’re golden nuggets to, to some people, to this group than you would your own personal group in a, uh, In [00:19:00] your hometown, in your same market.

James: Right? Right. You’re not gonna tell ’em what you’re doing cause they’re gonna turn around and do it. Right? Yeah. So yeah. It’s so, it gets exciting.

Mike: Yeah. And, and, and to be, and to be fair, and you know, there’s definitely people that we have that are, you know, heavy hitters that are in the same market. And, and a lot of times they’ll either.

Mike: Invite each other in, like somebody brought somebody in. That’s, that’s really their competition. But they did, they were a little more open-minded or they find ways to collaborate. There’s a lot of good things that I think our group overall finds ways to collaborate, you know, and work together for Sure.

Mike: Even people, the same market, which has been really cool.

James: Yeah, and that’s what I’ve noticed too, cause we’ve actually have a couple more people in our market now and, and they bought from us and it’s great. Yep. And so we actually talk about you. Are you getting people to sign? Nope. I, I dunno. It’s gotta be the weather, you know?

James: I mean, it’s just, and it seems like we’re going through the same, it makes us, val, it validates us when we’re having, when we look at our KPIs. Yeah. It validates that, [00:20:00] hey, it’s not really us. Sometimes it, it is the weather when you live in Minnesota and it gets minus 20 below and no one wants to leave the house.

James: You. Right.

Mike: So, um, let’s talk about that kinda so you saying. Testing new things. I know you guys are, are big enough to where you’ve tried probably every lead gen channel and some works and some doesn’t work and some you have to adjust. But just the importance of, I think one of the things that happens at a mastermind is you, sometimes there’s shiny objects there of like, here’s some new thing we’re doing, you know, but just talk about the importance of being willing to test stuff and try new stuff to see if you can make it work in your business.

James: Uh, you probably know the numbers on this. What is it you wanna, you always want to test what? 10%, 20% of, of, of just new things all the time. You, of course, you wanna stick with what works. Sure. Um, but you obviously, things are constantly changing. What, you know, we do, uh, we do pretty much a little bit of everything, [00:21:00] but we know what works the best.

James: And so, but you all of a sudden, you know, uh, you always want to do, dive into different things. Uh, let’s say mailings to, uh, cold calling. I think cold calling for a while was just kicking butt, right? Then all of a sudden it kind of died. Um, and, and then all of a sudden it started coming back up with texting.

James: So again, we’ve tried every single avenue out there. Honestly, the billboards are their first time we’ve ever tried them. Uh, that was, that started this year. Yep. Um, and again, the only thing bad about billboards is it’s more of a brand recognition Sure. Than it is. Call to action. Yeah. No one’s ever

Mike: gonna, it’s not as direct response as TV might be your, uh, mail.

Mike: Right. So. Correct.

James: And, and we’ve had people mailings, you know, four years old, five years old, come back and cuz they put it in that drawer, they’re just not ready. Yeah, so it’s, but

Mike: it’s [00:22:00] important to constantly try stuff and sometimes you have these preconceived notions about what might, might or might work, but you don’t really know until you do it and try it.

Mike: Right. But you have to

James: try it so you can say that you did. Right. I mean, there’s times where we spent $60,000 on some kind of campaign and we’re just kicking ourselves. But you don’t know unless you try. Right. And that’s why you have to, you have to be willing to have a little bit of a budget when it comes to that.

James: I mean, we got a pretty, pretty hefty budget for our, uh, advertising. And it’s like sometimes some of it doesn’t produce all the time. Yeah. But

Mike: you don’t know until you try. And sometimes there’s stuff that you probably didn’t think would work particularly well and it, and it hit and you’re like, oh, wow.

Mike: Why didn’t we do this earlier? Right.

James: Oh, right. And that’s the whole key thing with, um, KPIs. Right. And just trying to, honestly, Mike, when I first started this, I had no flipping clue what hell was a kpi. I just, I remember saying, uh, we went to a [00:23:00] mastermind and I’m just. Standing up there kind of on a hot seat and we’re just, I’m just agreeing with everything that maybe Jaden is saying.

James: And I was just, you know what? Fake it. Uh, make it, what is it? Fake it until you make it. And, uh, I’ve learned so much, you know? And, and having those KPIs is, is how we, how you steer your business. Yeah. And what to, where to go, left or right, up or down. That’s your d that’s your dashboard, right? That is a hundred percent your dashboard.

Mike: Yeah. Well, um, James, you’ve been, you guys have been in investor fuel for a few years now, I think. I mean, you’ve been big givers, have a lot to share. I think you’ve learned a lot along the way as well. W would you mind just kinda sharing your thoughts, giving a maybe a quick testimonial for Investor Fuel?

James: Gosh, Mike, you guys have been great. We’ve been with a, in a couple different groups and honestly I believe that they’re just out, out there for the money. And I’ve told you this from day one, when once I met you, you actually, you know, you actually, I feel like you actually want to help. And every single time [00:24:00] that we go there, how can I help?

James: How can I help? And I, we’ve been another masterminds. It’s like, how can I charge you more money so you, I can get more money and look at my new shiny red object. I, I, I just, you guys aren’t like that. The group is not like that. And if you’re looking for a very wholesome group to. Um, go on vacations. We, we all, we all play together.

James: Sometimes we, uh, we go early to these meetups, uh, or we stay late. Um, past the, the timeframe to go golfing. She goes shooting. I, it’s just, it’s been, it’s, it’s been a great group and that’s, that’s why I get energized when I see my friends from Houston to Oklahoma to, uh, Chicago, um, Dallas, you know what I mean?

James: Just all these guys all over the place. It’s super awesome to see and get excited about their business. Colorado. It’s just, I’m trying to think of all the different names, where we’re we’re at. So yeah, you guys have been absolutely great. And for the first time, we just didn’t want to get [00:25:00] out after a year.

James: Hey, we’re gonna do this for a year. Nope, we’re in. I mean, this is, you guys are family and I love talking to people, uh, that are in the same, uh, industry that I’m in. That’s what makes it really exciting.

Mike: Awesome, man. Thanks for sharing that. And I appreciate you being a big giver and, um, I think, uh, you know, we, we’ve got something special here and we love it.

Mike: I’m glad you’re a part of it and absolutely for anybody that’s listening right now that just got excited about that, you should, you should check us out. So we’ve got our next event coming up here pretty soon. Um, James Nashville baby. That’s right. If, uh, if folks wanted to connect with your company or you or whatever, like where could they go to learn more?

James: Um, you can actually just email me at.

James: Uh, and ask away. Um, I’m, I’m a very, in fact, that’s what I want to get into more, is doing more, uh, uh, teaching. But I, I gotta get, I gotta get better at speaking, Mike. That’s, that’s why I like doing these things. And I appreciate you, uh, pounding me and get me [00:26:00] to, uh, They come on. I

Mike: really appreciate it.

Mike: That’s, uh, thanks for that, James. That’s one of the, that’s one of the interesting things about our, our group is there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of folks like you guys that are not all over social media. Not everybody knows who you are, but you’re doing 200 deals a year and have been able to pull yourself outta the day-to-day on your business and doing well.

Mike: And so, uh, that’s one of the cool things about investor fuels. We’ve got a lot of folks like that that are, have lot, you know, big hearts wanna share, having great businesses. Everybody has challenges and ups and downs, but, Um, there’s some sleepers out there until you, if you’re just relying on. Social media to find answers to your problems or to try to climb the learning curve in your business.

Mike: You’re missing out by getting in a room like ours where there’s a bunch of people that you probably don’t even know that could really change your life, you know?

James: Yeah. I think I referred to, um, one o one other guy. He absolutely loves me. Every time, uh, I think Blair, he, uh, he sees me, he’s like, man, I’m so thankful you got me into this group.

James: Yeah. This is awesome. Cause you guys are, everybody’s a giver on, and, and that’s what’s super awesome about it.

Mike: [00:27:00] Yep. Awesome. Really do appreci Well, thanks for sharing. We’ll add your, uh, contact info in the show notes here. So for anybody that’s, uh, um, hopefully you guys got some good value from, uh, today, James.

Mike: Really appreciate you sharing with us. And for anybody, um, that wants to learn more about Investor Fuel, you can just go to investor fuel.com. We have a little video on what is Investor Fuel. You can learn a little bit more about it and if it makes sense, schedule a call with us. To have a chat and see if it’s right for you.

Mike: Our next event is coming up here pretty quickly, so it’s a good time to reach out and talk about how to, how to join us in Nashville as our next meeting coming up. So, uh, thanks again James for joining us today, buddy. Appreciate it. Have a good one, Mike, and uh, everybody. We’ll see you on the next show.

Mike: Take care. Awesome. Thank you.

James: Are you an active

Mike: real estate investor? If so, and you want to latch onto the power of surrounding yourself? With over a hundred of the nations leading real estate investors, all committed to building stronger businesses and living richer, fuller lives, you should jump on a call with us. To learn more [00:28:00] about investor fuel, simply visit investor fuel.

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James: com to get started.