Hey everybody, welcome back to the show! I’m really excited to talk to you today about online lead generation. If you AREN’T doing it now, you should be and if you ARE doing it now, you can probably improve! We are going to talk to my buddy, Jason Sager who is an expert in online lead generation. You definitely want to tune in today!

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[00:00:00] Mike: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the show. Really excited to talk to you today. We’re gonna talk about online lead generation. If you’re not doing it now, you should be. And if you are doing it now, you could probably improve. We’re gonna be talking to my buddy, Jason Sager. Uh, who’s an expert in the space and you definitely want to tune in today.

professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. That real estate is just a vehicle to freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country. Meet several times a year at the investor fuel real estate mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends.

And builds more fulfilling lives for all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation, fueling our businesses and fueling our lives. I’m glad you’re here.

[00:01:00] Hey Jason. Welcome to the show.

Jason: Hey, Mike. Thanks. Good to have good to be here. Appreciate it. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike: Glad to have you. So this is exciting. I mean, I run a Legion agency. You guys run a Legion agency on the online space. We do kind of direct mail and some other things, and I know the value of having lead generation done.

Right. It’s like the biggest problem that all real estate investors have. Professional real estate investors, like newbies think it’s money, but professionals know it’s Legion. And, uh, and a lot of investors are kind of waking up to the fact, which is true. That if you can’t do it really, really well, um, you shouldn’t probably be doing it yourself.

You should find somebody to rely on and so excited to share some, uh, some kind of tips with, right.

Jason: Yeah. Perfect. Let’s let’s do it. And like you said, it’s really, uh, you know, People can’t get enough sellers. They can’t find the that’s it. They want to have the conversation. They want to go through it every which way.

Um, everybody, obviously those online now, [00:02:00] so that’s kind of your best bet to do it. And you know, we just try and help facilitate. Yeah.

Mike: Everybody goes online. I think there’s no, there’s nobody that’s. So I don’t want to say nobody, but. Any big sort of transaction today, even our grandparents, like they’re, they’re Googling it.

Right. They’re looking at their they’re out, like checking stuff out and, and trying to learn more. And so it just makes sense to be online. So, Hey, before we get started, why don’t you tell us about your background and, um, just tell us a little bit about your, your kind of backroom. Okay.

Jason: So I’m Jason that worked with the need to sell my house fast.

We do lead generation. Um, I do everything for the company, pretty much whatever whatever’s needed. Um, everything from, you know, talking to clients and helping out with issues to, you know, the accounting, finance and, you know, kind of translating from, Hey, this is what people are asking for to our, uh, our guys who are doing the, uh, actual marketing.

Um, I’ll translate with them and say, Hey, this is what we need. This is what people are looking for. Um, and this is how we can do things better.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. And you’re in a, and by the way, everybody [00:03:00] need to sell my house fast. And these guys are actually sponsors of our investor fuel mastermind.

We were the members, but they’re all kind of like sponsor members and they work with a lot of our, a lot of our members too. So, uh, definitely know what they’re doing. And they have a lot of experience working with people all over the country, so real estate investors. So. Awesome. So let’s just talk about kind of some of the different ways that, um, That people could generate leads online.

So clearly people could go learn how to run Google campaigns and set up their own campaigns and their own ads and drive people to their website. And there’s clearly a lot of people that do do that, but in my experience, there’s a lot of. Investors that might be smaller or they just, haven’t got to the point yet to where they’re focused on a lot of online stuff.

And just the effort that has to go into getting that all set up initially is a little bit overwhelming. So in my experience, a lot of real estate investors, just, they just like, they’re going to get to it, but they just haven’t gotten to it yet. Right. That’s pretty

Jason: common. Right. Yeah. Yeah, definitely Mo most of our guys and we have a lot of investor field members and they’re like, you know what?

Like, I can’t [00:04:00] do it as good as you, it’s cheaper for me to, to get leads through you than it is to generate it myself. And it’s also a whole lot easier. They say what they want and, you know, make it, they get sent to them in real time. The only issue people have is everybody wants more. Yeah. And, and, and there’s only so much.

And then if you want. That much more your costs go way up. So there’s, there’s always a fine line

Mike: between that. Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s, you know, and I liken it to if, for folks that are listening right now, if you don’t, if you’re not doing a lot of online lead gen, right now, you could also rehab your own houses, but nobody advocates, nobody advocates that, um, even if you have a construction background, it’s just not the best use of your time.

Right. So if you’re not, if you’re not, uh, If you’re not proficient at generating leads online right now, by the way, there’s some people in our group. And I have lots of friends that are very good at it. I mean, not to say that nobody could go figure that out. A lot of you that are listening right now may have figured it out, but if you haven’t, it’s, it’s kind of overwhelming.

I mean, you can spend a lot of effort and Google and Facebook will. Gladly take your money. [00:05:00] Uh, but it doesn’t mean that it’s efficient. So sometimes when you want it to be more efficient, it costs you more because one you’re using your time, you got to value that we all should be valuing in that. And two is.

Like, could you really, if you’re just getting started, could you really be as good as somebody that does this all day long every day? And they’ve been doing it for many, many years and they know exactly what they’re doing. The truth is no. Uh, and so if you’re like, if that overwhelms you a little bit, you know, you probably shouldn’t do it yourself.

So of course you could hire an agency that is a marketing your brand, right. That’s just like their marketing, your brand, they’re driving people to your websites or web pages they created. And, uh, that’s pretty common, right?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I mean, from, from my end of it, I look at it as you can do this it’s we don’t have any like magic secret or formula.

We just do it better. We have everything, you know, system set up, you know, we have a national campaign, so we’re able to, you know, get things done at a lower cost. Um, and we, we know what works and what [00:06:00] doesn’t. So when you get started with the campaign, anybody can do it. It’s not that hard, but it’s time consuming and there’s a learning curve.

And unfortunately the learning curve takes a lot of time. You’ve got to learn it, but also when you make mistakes, you’re spending money and people are, are clicking on your side for whatever reason. So it’s costing you a lot of money. We kind of zipped through that and say, all right, here it is. Our sites have also been.

Been around forever. So, and they SEL extremely well. So when people go and they’re not clicking on the ads or clicking on our sites and just going, Oh, okay. This is a nice one. And so it translates really well as well. But I think the biggest thing that you allude to as a time and you can do it, but like you said, you can rehab a house.

Doesn’t mean you should, right.

Mike: Yeah. And with what these, with what, uh, Jason and this company does is they’re a lead generator. So they use their own brands and generate leads and they distribute them, uh, to, to investors that, uh, sign up for those leads. And the truth is, is that’s really the most flexible.

It’s the fastest, you know, [00:07:00] you know, the con I guess, is you’re not marketing your own brand. Uh, but that’s true. The truth is that’s more ego than anything. I think for a lot of investors wants to build their brand and put it out there. Cause they think of it as their baby. But at the end of the day, what most real estate investors want is just leads falling in their lap.

They just don’t want to have to think about it. They want the phone to ring, or they want, you know, internet leads kind of dropping into their inbox, right? Yeah, for

Jason: sure. And with the branding thing here. I don’t, I don’t know. Maybe, maybe I disagree with a lot of people here, but I don’t think the brand is so important.

I think who you are as a person is more important because you’re talking to somebody you’re, you’re trying to buy their house. So your, your brand is you not a behind that or whatever else it’s, you know, when you talk to them, what do you project, what are you trying to do? Are you looking for the win-win for everybody?

And if you do that, that to me is more important than the company name. I agree,

Mike: especially in this. Yeah. I think especially with online leads, cause online leads are, um, the, the, the good part about online leads is people had to go search to find you it’s not necessarily like direct [00:08:00] mail where. You contacted them and then they’re just responding and they may or may not be interested.

In fact, they may tell you to like screw off, but with online leads, they’re generally they have a problem they’re looking at, see, they searched for a problem and found you one way or another. But the reality, the con of the online leads is it’s easy to fill out a few forms and contact a couple of different companies.

And I, I agree with you if you were to probably pull, I, I don’t have, I don’t have any stats to share on this, but if you were to ask somebody, Hey, you filled out some forms online. What were the names of the companies? They would be like, uh, I don’t remember, you know, nobody really remembers that as much as they remember, but I talked to this one person and he really, they really went out of their way to try to help me solve my problem.

I mean, you’re, I agree with you that I don’t think, um, I don’t think that many people in less they’re going after an eye buyer or Zillow, it’s like some big brand that just truthfully, none of us can compete against in terms of being B, having that big company brand anyway. And so just be the local person that’s helpful that can help solve problems.

[00:09:00] Yeah.

Jason: Yeah, for sure. And, uh, even when you’re competing, it’s those companies, people will say, and we, I hear this all the time. You know, Zillow gave him a higher offer, but then with fees or whatever else. Or they didn’t feel comfortable where I felt comfortable with you. And that’s how I got the deal. Yeah.

People tell that, talk to your investors, our investors all the time. They’re like what you were, you were more truthful with me. You gave me more options. You know, you’re local, you’re not some company that’s, you know, who knows where you’re, you know, the next town over. And that helps. And our, our marketing specific is, you know, we use the keywords of, you know, w motivation, you know, foreclosure, um, needed quick cash offer, whatever it might be.

To help out with that. Yeah.

Mike: Yeah. One of the things I like about your, your model of, um, just selling leads is that investors can turn it on or off. They can kind of set their budget, right. And they can say, Hey, my budget’s two grand for this month or, and they can, or they can go in and change it at any time.

And if you’re, if you’re to take the effort to build a bunch [00:10:00] of campaigns yourself, or you have an agency do it. You know, the, the difference, one of the differences, if you don’t have a huge budget and you’re using an agency, is you still have to pay those agency fees regardless of what your budget is.

Right. Cause they have to do the work, whether your budgets $500 or $50,000, you’re still going to have to pay for that effort. Right.

Jason: Exactly exactly with us. It’s super easy. You turn it on or off. Um, we have, we have religious Jewish guys who turn it off Friday night every week and turn it on again Saturday night, you know, we have guys who turn it off for church every Sunday morning.

Like, you know what Sundays are family day off. I’ll turn it back on Monday morning. Um, I have guys in California who turn it off when they’re in traffic. Cause they don’t want to get frustrated with traffic and get a ticket. So, you know, it just depends on, on what people want, but they have the flexibility to turn on and off whatever they want.

And then you talked about the budgets, you know, they put in their budget, whatever number they’re comfortable with, so we don’t go over it, you know, and they [00:11:00] could change at any time. You know, they can go up if they need to, if they can go down, whatever it might be. Yep.

Mike: Yep. I know a lot of our members and a lot of other people that have used you guys when they want to go dip their toe in the water in a new market too.

Like they don’t necessarily have websites built. They’re not sending direct mail there yet. They’re just like, I just want to test that market and see how it goes. And they’re like, well, let’s say like they’re in Dallas. Like me. They’re like, you know what? I want to go check out Cleveland. And they just basically have within minutes, they can be.

Uh, spooled up and potentially generating leads because you guys have your infrastructure there. All you’re doing is just turning on your ads or whatever. You’re already generating ads there. If they’re just not being distributed to that person.

Jason: Right. Right, right. Yeah, exactly. Cause that you can turn on and off account.

We do it by counties. So you can turn off and on a County whenever you want, you know, like your that’s you bring up a great example. Hey, I want to try out Cleveland, boom, couple clicks and time you like it. You do it. If you don’t like it, you turn it off and that’s it. There’s no more commitment. We don’t charge for counties.

We don’t, we don’t have any fees whatsoever. [00:12:00] So it’s nice if there’s no cost to give it a try, other than if you’re going to talk to somebody. Right, right. That’s that’s the idea.

Mike: Yep. That’s awesome. So what do you think about, um, I mean, you know, it’s interesting. Cause when I think back I’m going to totally date myself here, but there are people that, you know, 10 or 12 years ago, they thought kind of online Legion was a fad.

Right. It was just like, ah, this stuff’s going, like, I mean, it’s like to take in toothpaste out of a tube. Like it’s never going back. Like we’re only, we need more into online, uh, type lead gen. So, I mean, guess what, what, what would you say for people that. No, they should be doing it, but they’re not doing it yet.

Jason: So do it. It doesn’t have to be all of your business. I think it should be a big component depending on how big of a company you are. Right. If you’re a one man show and you’re happy with your numbers or whatever it is, um, maybe where your only, your only source or the only provider, but as you get bigger and you want to scale, we should 100% be a part of your business.

But if you’re relying on only us, that’s not enough. You’ve got to [00:13:00] have multiple streams to come in. Cause you’re never going to get enough. Um, you know, obviously the online thing is. I think it’s one of the other than maybe abandoned sign that somebody calls you on. I think it’s absolute best because the people are coming to you.

It’s essentially an online bandit sign they’re putting in their information. Um, just different, different levels of quality. Google is going to be the best. Facebook’s kind of a level below it because in Google, they’re typing in what they need. And Facebook they’re seeing something when you’re typing it in it’s more important.

Um, Facebook’s another one. Facebook retargeting. And then other social media as well. And then it goes down to lists. So there’s different qualities. Um, Craigslist ad won’t be as good. You’ll probably get some responses, but it’s not, it’s not going to be as high quality as say

Mike: Google. Right? Yeah. Yeah. One thing you just said there, not that all wasn’t valuable, but one of the things that you mentioned I want to emphasize is that nobody should be relying upon one lead source.

Like you should have multiple lead sources. There are things that, you [00:14:00] know, work over the, if you, if you look over time, like over the course of a year, Um, like direct mail is great, but there’s months that are bad and there’s months that are good and every lead sources that way. So you have to look at it over a long period of time.

If you’re relying on just one or even two lead sources, it really depends on the size of your business. But as you start to scale your business up, you should have multiple lead sources because it’s just the nature of how advertising works. Sometimes this works better than the next and. You know, our businesses are such that like one deal could totally make or break your your month for a lot of people.

And so missing that one deal here, and there is a big deal as it were, if you’re generating leads from a lot of different sources, you’re probably, um, you know, not every deal is a home run, but you’re more likely to hit a home run. And the more you’re swinging at the ball, I guess.

Jason: Yeah, for sure. I mean, you, you, you can’t emphasize that enough for, to have multiple options.

Um, you know, we’re good at it, but we sh we shouldn’t be the only thing, but we should be. We should be an integral part for [00:15:00] everybody. Who’s doing it. And if not just do online in general, because that’s where people go. That’s what they look at. That’s what they, that’s what they see. You know, if somebody is looking to sell, you know, the first thing they’re going to do is they’re gonna type in a Google search or, or.

Maybe a Bing or Yahoo or whatever, they’re going to type in a search and try and find out stuff. And they’re going to look up things as well. And that’s where you want to be. You want to be placed up there and that’s where they see us. And that’s what makes us so, so, so effective.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. So when I think about like investor fuel, we’ve been going for.

Three and a half years now. And we talk about, there’s probably not a topic that we haven’t, uh, discussed in great detail at a meeting or in somebody’s a presentation one way or another. But if I could kind of summarize it, I bet you the most commonly talked about topics that we discuss and debate and what people say their biggest challenges are, are around lead generation.

Right? So we’re constantly talking about this and we talk about this stuff all the time. At a meeting and it’s, it’s great to have you guys as a sponsor there, cause you guys can really add some great perspective on that. You guys have been [00:16:00] sponsors of investor fuel for a couple of years now, would you mind just kind of sharing a little testimonial of, of uh, how investor fuel has impacted your

Jason: business?

Yeah. So let’s, let’s do this. Let’s take this twofold one from the business to, from what I see, um, from the business, it’s awesome because investor fuel members are the people we want to work with. We want to work with investors who are growing, scaling. Getting bigger. Um, and that’s what you have, and you can see the people that they’ve, they’ve put in there.

You know, they devoted their resources, their time, their money, whatever it is, they’ve made a commitment to getting bigger and we can be a part of that we can help. So it’s a really great symbiotic relationship for me watching you guys. I’m just, I’m just. So impressed with a few things. Obviously it’s nice to be there and sponsor, but watching the guys, you have accountability with the guys and, and, and ladies too.

Um, but you’re telling them, Hey, listen, we’ve got to work together on this. We’re going to hold you accountable to your goals that you set. The, the sharing of information really blows me away. Everybody’s just there to help each [00:17:00] other. There’s no, there’s no attacking each other. It’s all. Hey, maybe your idea is bad, but maybe if you did this or, Hey, I did that already.

It’s, it’s such a bad idea. Cause I did it and I failed and people work together though. But if you change it just a little bit, it becomes great. Um, the other thing I love about it, you guys have a lot of training, so. You know, when I look at your stuff, I say, all right, how to scale a business. And I’m like, wow, consulting companies and, you know, CPA firms that I’ve seen, that I’ve worked with charge a lot of money for what you’re, what you’re doing to get that implemented.

And you just have it out there to help the people. Um, and I know, I don’t know that people appreciate it enough. You know, I, I talked to some of the members and I’m like, Hey, go back and look at that training. Like, you know, I was, I was there when they were doing it or I was watching it and, you know, Put this into place in your organization, make you guys watch this, you know, to really help it out.

So that, that I appreciate, um, from my accounting background, I see the bookkeeping and how you guys place, uh, an important time on it. And I’m like, Oh man, this is annoying. You know, that’s something I tell everybody [00:18:00] just outsource it, you know, let the accountant handle it. Cause even some of the accountants find it boring, you know, but get rid of that.

But overall, the value that you’re bringing everybody, but I’m, I’m such a big fan of that. And it’s. I love the way that it taught such a positive mentality and people are really working together and welcoming and everybody’s trying to help each other. There’s no, it’s not like, you know, who’s, who’s the biggest, or who’s the King of everything.

It’s everybody trying to make everybody else better. And that, you know, in sports that makes people better, it makes teams better, but in life it makes people better too. And I, I love that. I really, uh, I really like hits home with me. Awesome.

Mike: Awesome. I appreciate that, man. Great. Thank you for the kind words.

Yeah. We’ve got a great group for sure. For those that are listening right now. If you, if you haven’t checked out investor fuel yet, I’d love it. If you go, just go to investor fuel.com, you can schedule a call with us or learn more on the site for sure. But, uh, we’ve got a pretty amazing community and it’s only getting better.

We have actually some big plans in place, so it will be announcing here shortly at our next meeting that they’re going to allow us to continue to grow and bring in some great, uh, Some [00:19:00] great folks that, um, just like Jason just mentioned, uh, are just going to add to the sharing and giving nature of our community and only make it better.

So, um, Hey Jason, if folks want to learn more about you guys need to sell my house fast about your lead generation stuff. Um, kind of tell them where to go to connect and maybe learn more. So the best

Jason: places needs need to sell my house fast.com. You click on that click on investors. Um, as well, you call us up directly (305) 771-1557.

Um, you know, you’ll get, you’ll get a live person. There’s no, uh, no outsourcing there, you know, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get us right here. Um, those, those are probably two best ways needed summer house, fast.com and then, uh, No (305) 771-1557. Chances are I’ll answer the call about one in three times. I can cook anybody.

Mike: Cool. Well, we’ll add that. We’ll add a link down below to if anybody, if you weren’t able to kind of write that down in the show notes and everybody, Hey, thanks for joining us. So lead generation really is. [00:20:00] A critical part of your business. You know, it’s interesting because it’s really the lifeblood of our business, but a lot of real estate investors are we’re frugal, right?

We’re just, we’re cheap. So a lot of us tend to take a cheaper routes and it doesn’t mean you should always spend more. It doesn’t mean you should always be cheap. There’s a happy medium there. But if you, if you know that you need to generate more leads, um, you know, you should find somebody that you can work with to outsource that.

So it might cost you a little bit, but. The truth is, is what is it costing you to not do it? Right? Right. That’s a huge opportunity cost for us to be doing it there. So everybody joining us on the show today, we’re going to keep the value coming at you. Make sure you’ve subscribed to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, wherever.

You might be watching this at and we’ll see you on the next show. Thank you.

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