Hey everybody, welcome back to the show! I just love every show that I do on the Investor Fuel Podcast because I get to interview members of my Investor Fuel mastermind, like Jesse Burrell. Today, we’re going to talk about having an abundant mindset! I’m around so many people now that have this abundant mindset versus a scarcity mindset, which I feel used to be a lot more prevalent in our industry. It’s going to be a great show and I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Jesse Burrell! Let’s get started!

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Mike: Hey, everybody, welcome back to the show. Today, gosh I’m excited. Every show that I do at Investor Fuel I just love because I get to interview members of my Investor Fuel Mastermind like Jesse here. And today we’re going to be talking about this abundant mindset. And I’m around so many people now that have this abundant mindset versus a scarcity mindset that I used to feel like was a lot more prevalent. And it’s just is really kind of changing the industry for a lot of people. It’s going to be a great show, and I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Jesse.
Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. In fact, real estate is just a vehicle to freedom. A group of over 100 of the nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country meet several times a year at the Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends and build more fulfilling lives for all of those around us. On today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation of fueling our businesses and fueling our lives. I’m glad you’re here.
Jesse, welcome to the show, my friend.
Jesse: What going on? Thank you so much for having me.
Mike: Yeah, glad to have you on here finally. And, you know, at the beginning of every show that we record, I usually talk with whoever the guest is about what are we going to talk about today? Because with high performers like you, you know, we could talk about a lot of different things. And we kind of centered on this topic that we’ve had a conversation about here lately because you’re in the Phoenix market, which is obviously kind of a hotbed for real estate investing.
Everybody in the country thinks their market is competitive, but there are probably they’re not as very many that are as competitive as like Phoenix and Dallas. But despite that, you know, there’s a number of high performing Phoenix investors and Dallas investors in my market that are friends, they’re like competitors but they share everything. And it’s just like this really awesome feeling that makes this business more fun. And so I’m excited that that’s what we decide to talk about today.
Jesse: Absolutely. I’m stoked.
Mike: Yeah, yeah. So hey, before we before we jump in, talk about your background. Like how you got started in real estate investing and then moved into kind of being a service provider with data and all sorts of other things. Tell us the story.
Jesse: Okay, I’ll do the short version of the story for sure. So I was finishing up college and one of my friends started working for a real estate investor. And then in 2000, she was 11 or 12. So they’re buying from auctions. She was in and they were gobbling up a bunch of them and turning them into rentals, because that’s what you do in a new cycle, you hold. But he was also doing flipping to make money at the same time. And she was absolutely hooked.
I was finishing up trying to look for a job in some type of sales and she just was like, “Hey, I think you may be good at this. Do you want to come on?” And I came on and that’s pretty much I guess an underwriter to where I was just looking on the MLS when you can still find the deals for the owner or the investor the time to do fix and flips.
And I was very fortunate because I got to learn rehab costs and how to conquer property. I did it for a year and got paid for it. Did I get paid a lot? No. But once I started wholesaling, I didn’t realize how important that was to understanding what I was doing. If you know how to do that, you know how to identify a deal or pass on a deal.
Mike: Yep. Yeah, big part of the business, obviously is confidence, right? I mean, so many people are afraid to pull the trigger. It’s like the proverbial dog that catches the bus, right? Like you catch it you like a lot of investors are like, what am I going to do if I get one? Which is like crazy, but that you know that happens, right?
Jesse: Absolutely. So then from there, you know, I worked for him for a year and then it was like ’14, and for some reason, he thought the market was already starting to shift. So he started selling everything and stop flipping. He’s from California. So I got my license. And then I started finding MLS deals on the still on the MLS for investors for the girl that hired me, she was doing flips with her parents and then I had a few other friends and then that kept getting harder.
So me and her and another buddy partnered up and created my first wholesale company. And we went off and running like really quickly to success came very fast and we’re very fortunate. But it was, you know, three pretty smart people before it was too competitive and we did pretty good pretty quickly.
Mike: Yeah. Yeah. So over time, like a lot of investors or like a lot of entrepreneurs, you start finding things that you need in your business. I wish I had this. And you know, over the past several years, you and I, we have a lot of common friends and a lot of them are in Investor Fuel. People started developing tools or accessing data or different things that they need in their business. And as they’re building it they’re like, you know, somebody else will say, well, can I use that or can I have that and so ultimately kind of innovation started to take over, right?
Jesse: Yeah. And then me and Ivo literally had separate wholesale companies and I lost [TLO 00:05:06]. And I was like, I’ll shoot, you know, I was doing strictly cold calling at that time a few years ago. That was before texting and RVMs were really a thing. And I was freaking out. I was like, okay, I know, the data was good. What do I do? And then, you know, likely I met Ivo at a mastermind, and let’s kind of go on a little bit further, but it’s called the Go Giver Mastermind. Weird. That’s kind of what we’re talking about today. And he’s just like, hey, how can I help you?
And I was like, I really need some good data. And he’s just like, “I’ll give it to you at my cost, but I’m selling it to some people.” And I was like, “Well, I think, you know, if I sell it to some people that I need some help too, you know, what can I get?” And he’s just like, you know, 50/50. He was stupid. Shouldn’t have said that.
And so I just started selling it like crazy. He was testing a bunch of providers making sure the data was good. And before we knew it, Brent Daniels got his hand on it and just blew the company out of the water. And from there, the rest is history.
Mike: Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. So let’s talk about this kind of abundance mindset that we basically said is going to be the focus of today. And so, you know, in the Phoenix market, we talked about this a little bit ahead of time. We talked about this a few times. There’s a bunch of people that are seen as kind of thought leaders and industry leaders in the Phoenix market for example, where you’re at. You guys are all friends. Like you’re doing deals with one another, sharing ideas and like, not holding back and this is I feel like this phenomenon is something that is much more prevalent over the past, you know, several years than it was when I started 12 years ago for sure.
Social media has probably helped that a little bit but just you know, the truth is, is it’s a lonely business. If you dig a hole somewhere and you’re in the trenches by yourself. And business is a lot more fun when you’re around people that you like.
And just kind of talk about like, why you have adopted kind of an abundant mindset and willing to share anything and everything versus kind of keep secrets to yourself because the reality is you’re kind of on the forefront of some of the stuff you’re doing with data. You guys can easily keep those secrets to yourself and not tell anybody but you choose not to.
Jesse: Correct. So I’ll start with the kind of abundance mindset. I’ve never been good at keeping a secret. I was talking to this off air. So when I learn something new and cool, I want to go tell everybody. That’s probably not the best way, you know, for my business, but at the same time, a lot of my friends so kind of our core group is you know, Steve Trang, Jamil with KeyGlee, Brent Daniels, Pace Morby and then me, Anny and Ivo. And we generally want each person to be the best person that they can be. We hold nothing back. We help as much as we can.
And yes, we’re competitors but we’ve all sold each other deals. We’ve all bought deals from each other. Pace was struggling with he was in . . . God, you were in it back of the day. What was it called?
Mike: You talking about HomeVestors?
Jesse: Yes, thank you. HomeVestors. So he didn’t know how to generate leads and he’s my friend. Like he he’s helped me with this. We always just help each other so he’s like, I don’t know how to generate a freaking lead. Will you please help me? So I mean we helped set up SMS, cold calling, RVMs, good data. And then he’s the best closer I know. So I’m like, fuck if I get the same lead as he is, he’s going to get the deal but it is what it is. Like we just want to help each other but he comes in and he trains my guys. He does a lot of creative financing.
We just genuinely care about each other and I kind of said is you know, as the tide rises, so do the boats. So if we’re all pushing each other up and sharing everything, actually, you know, the sky’s the limit is just that’s the mindset I have.
And the other thing is people say how competitive this market is. It’s very true. But you got to understand that since there’s so many wholesalers and so many off-market deals, I believe that the sellers kind of trained to say, if my house isn’t really nice, then I’m supposed to sell it to a wholesaler. So I think we just have so many deals here that everybody can succeed. There’s just no reason that we can’t because, you know, luckily, we’ve trained people, or sellers to know that, you know, these wholesalers will get the job done for us and I just see tons of deals for everybody.
Mike: Yeah, when you’re in a major market like where you’re at Phoenix or you know, DFW is pushing seven and a half million people now and we, you know, I do coaching, I do a bunch of things. Sometimes the question comes up with like, well, are, you know . . . am I just competing with these other people like other students that are program or whatever. It’s like, how many . . . I bet you there’s 10,000 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth market that would say on some level that they believe they are an investor.
The truth is, there’s so much opportunity here for everybody. And especially those like if a deal is going to happen, I’d rather it happen with somebody in my inner circle, right? And so let’s just get really good. And the truth is, when I teach people . . . this one of the things that I never, is a byproduct and I know the same way, when you share, it comes back around, right? It’s not just the karma part of like, hey, something good will happen to me, but it makes me stronger. It makes me a stronger business person when I have to teach somebody something, because as I’m saying it I’m like, sometimes I’m saying what is not necessarily the way I do it, but the way I should be doing it and just forces me to learn it.
Yeah. So it’s kind of like, you know, there’s some people out there that say, well, those that teach, you know, can’t do or whatever. And I think that’s total bullshit. And I mean, I think there’s people that are probably like that, but I know that being a teacher and teaching people things and sharing things like makes me a better business person.
Jesse: I honestly my favorite thing is as a newer investor, I can identify someone that’s going to be successful and not successful very, very quickly. And those are the people that I absolutely pour into because I want people to succeed. I want their lives to change. And like when I go tell somebody, like a lot of my secrets or a lot of the ways to make how we became successful, and a few months later they’re already doing two, three, four deals and they just got started, there’s no better feeling. It is a rush. It’s a high. I get so excited.
That’s kind of where my life’s taking me is to helping people is more important to where like we’re dialed in. So I want to help people, you know, start reaching their dreams, hitting their goals and you know, changing the trajectory of their families. It’s a huge deal. I had no fucking money and I was 28 years old and I was dead broke like with nothing. I have been there, I’ve felt it and all you have to do is work harder than everybody else and learn and you can get yourself out of shitty situations. I truly believe that.
Mike: Yeah. So maybe you can share a little bit about some tips that people that are out there that feel like they are not as connected into their market because obviously you’re very well connected in Phoenix. I’m very well connected in the Dallas market. Maybe kind of share some tips for those that feel like, you know, I know there are some heavy hitters, there are some people out there.
And the truth is in the Dallas market if I think of a bunch of the heavy hitters, you know, folks like Jamie Wooley, RJ Bates and Cassie, there’s a bunch of people here. I know me leaving a bunch of people out. They are like some of the most open people I know.
Some people think that they’re like, well, they’re untouchable. No, I’m not going to bother them now. I don’t want to reach out to them. But I know that that isn’t how RJ and Jamie think for example that I know that’s not how you are in Phoenix, but maybe give some kind of tips to people that are operating, but they’re not plugged in, but they want to be plugged in, like what they can do, how they can add value, how they can kind of find a way in.
Jesse: So this is a great question because I get a lot of people that are like, yo, how do we get . . . So on Instagram the other day, we had me like a five of us in my office and people like, how do I get a part of that group? Or, you know, what do I do? And honestly is, a lot of people will come to me or to Jamil or Steve Trang, any of us and all they do is take. A lot of people just want to take your time, take everything you’ve learned. And you know, go giving is it’s giving, but it’s taking too. So like they’re just coming off to us and they start taking and I’m like, yo, you know, like, the reason why all of us work is because we give and we take and these people just start taking from you.
So if you can find, like this guy came to me and he’s like, I’m a door knocker but I want to learn a bunch of stuff from you guys. I’m like, “Well, what can you teach me about what’s successful in door knocking. Maybe I want to create a door knocking team or at least run it through my mind with would this work for my model” So it’s just sharing the secrets or sharing what you’re doing and what’s working and also what’s not working because a lot of these new people could be like this isn’t working.
That can still potentially help me by telling me what’s not working. But people just come to us and take, take, take. Like, what can you give too? Just because you’re not a big-time investor, do you still have stuff to give to me if it’s learning what your failures are or what your successes are. They just don’t see their value and they take and that’s not the way to go about it with someone as a heavy hitter at all.
Mike: Yeah, I agree. I think it happens. It used to be a time like many years back where people would say, hey, can you meet for coffee and I would go do it, right? And then you got to a point towards like, man, I’ve got like a lifetime supply of coffee now if I did that and what I don’t have is time. And so I think that there’s a lot of people out there that start with, “Hey, can you do this for me,” instead of like, how can I give.
Don’t even ask. And it’s not that the guys like Jesse are not genuine and don’t want to share. It’s just that if you give something to everybody that doesn’t seem like they’re kind of worthy of giving . . . I know that sounds bad. I know that, like, I know you don’t think that but you’re like if this person is just a taker, and they’re like, just want to extract stuff from me, but they don’t really intend to not only not help you out, and I’m not saying that you will only help people that will eventually help you because you never know that. But if they feel like they’re a taker, and they won’t pay it forward as well to other people, like they’re just like, just take this like it’s different, right?
It’s different if you’re like, you know, I know that whatever I get, I share on. Like, I just kind of continue to share on. I know you do that too. For people that are listening right now, if you are like, willing to pay it forward and willing to kind of pay some dues to get into these inner circles, that’s what you have to do.
Jesse: So like the go giver mentality, there’s a point of giving and a point of getting taken advantage of. And that’s the line that you have to walk. Because I mean, a lot of people DM me on Instagram. I try and I’ll set up, I’ll give them 10 minutes, you know, if someone really generally will craft a good question, or I saw you on Real Estate [Disruptors 00:16:20] or you know, Investor Fuel show. It really resonated with me. Can I pick your brain for 10 minutes? I’m like, I’m very, very busy. Here’s the time, here’s my phone number. I’ll give you 10 minutes, talk to me whatever you want.
But if someone just says, “Teach me how to wholesale,” I have to ignore that. Like, I got too many people reaching out. If you’re not being genuine, it becomes a problem because, you know, you as well we’re very busy. I can’t talk to every single person and help. Unfortunately, I’m not in that place anymore. But if you truly care, you know, you’re going to grab my attention and I will happily help you.
Mike: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the worst if you’re listening to this is when somebody does give you your time and then you like no show for a meeting or something, you just, you get bitter, right? You’re like, I want to help people, but that’s not the way that I’m going to be able to help. I got to find some way that allows me to have maximum impact that’s kind of more on my schedule and it fits into my busy life.
Jesse: And that’s anybody. I had a president of a title company had a big client reach out to me, scheduled an appointment once, she bailed, then she bailed twice. And I’m like, you’re not getting a meeting. And she’s kind of a friend but I’m like, my time is valuable. I literally because I have to gather everything, put it together, block out a half hour and she bailed on me two times, and I just called her. I was like, “I love you, but you’re not going to get another meeting with me for stuff like this because you can’t do that.” And she’s like, she fully understood, but that’s a point where I don’t care if you’re important or just getting started. My time is very, very valuable to me, and you can take advantage of it.
Mike: Yeah, yeah. So Jesse, along the lines of abundance and kind of giving back while we’re here today, why don’t you take a few minutes and kind of share some of the things that are working right now.
And just to clarify for those that don’t know, you, you work for Batch, you guys do skip tracing, list stacking, all sorts of stuff that’s kind of hot right now in lead generation. And so you have your ear to the ground, probably unlike many people in the country right now that are . . . people that are running like a data driven business for sure, which is kind of where everybody needs to be going if you’re not already there. But maybe share some of the things that are working out with folks that are listening.
Jesse: Do you mind if I share some things that aren’t working too?
Mike: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Those are just good.
Jesse: Exactly. So we’ve seen we’ve been split testing cold callers. We’ve been having more success with American cold callers than, you know, Filipino or are out of the country cold callers. So we can have less cold callers and we’re getting, you know, more contracts and more leads out of them. A lot of people, there’s so many of them now with the VAs to where people may even want to sell. They’re just hearing a voice and no. So that’s one of the things we’re transitioning all of our cold callers into American cold callers and paying the $12 to $14 an hour because we’re just burning through data and time with these VAs. So we’ve kind of pivoted on that part of things.
When it comes to RVMs, those are still working for us. I know in certain states it’s you know, there’s some gray areas, so as I said, I’m not a lawyer, speak to one of your doing it. But I can tell you we split tested using a female voice is by far about 20% to 25% better than a male voice. It is less threatening. People are more inclined to call back because they want to talk to this girl that sounds really pretty if they’re interested in selling. So you get a lot of males, you know, calling back being like, “Where’s Kellyanne?” Sorry, Kellyanne was busy, you know, but I can help buy your property.
And then let’s go into texting. Texting, a lot of people are doing it now. I’m seeing that all these are getting saturated because there’s more and more wholesalers and this is the cheapest barrier to entry. But you need to get a little bit more creative with your messages. I would say when you’re pulling specific lists, be more specific.
If it’s a vacant, let’s not use a vacant. Let’s say you have landlord list. Say you’re buying rentals, if it’s a vacant land list, say you’re a builder and you want to be you know, you’re looking for some land, you know, to build whatever it is you’re building or if it’s an out of state owner, you be more specific with who you’re talking to. And I think you’re going to differentiate yourself a little bit from someone just sending all these generic messages. “Hey, I’m a homebuyer in the area. I buy for cash.” Well, if you’re not creative, you’re going to die because now there’s so many people saying the same message over and over again.
Mike: Awesome, that’s good. I mean, it makes sense, right? There’s, like talk to . . . mass marketing is if it’s basically direct response, like you’re asking for a response. So it’s not like TV or radio or some of those. It’s not really direct response.
Like the more you can talk to somebody based on their situation. Like, for example, if somebody was to come to your website, if somebody was going through a divorce, and they’re searching for how do I sell my house when I’m getting divorced, or what are the rules? Like they don’t want to learn about like probate, right? So it’s the same thing. People are going to search online and there’s so much information online, they’re going to find something that’s niche specific to them. The question is, how do you have a communication in a mass way so that you can execute it that feels like you’re talking to one person, that makes them feel like you’re talking just to them, right?
Jesse: Right. No, that’s . . . you hit the nail on the head. You need to be. Yeah, I can’t explain it better. You’re right, 100%
Mike: When you send direct mail, you don’t you don’t say, “Hey, everybody.” It’s like everybody, this isn’t to me? There’s nothing more personal than a text message or a phone call, right? It needs to be like, as soon as people, you know, I don’t know how many spam calls or messages you get a day, but I get a ton and, like, as soon as I know, this isn’t really for me. Like, I’m just like, totally uninterested.
Jesse: Yeah, you’re definitely needing to get more creative than just, “Hey, you know, sell me your house.” That just doesn’t work anymore.
Mike: Hey, so I know the new iPhone that just came out has the ability to like send unknown callers, like, right to voicemail.. There’s some apps out there that block spam calls and stuff now, but it just kind of seems like that’s only going to get harder and harder. There’s more people whether it’s RVMs or cold callers or SMS. Like there’s more probably evolution happening with the carriers or devices that are able to like not get through. What do you see that kind of going?
Jesse: Well, we were talking off air about this. So I don’t have it right in front of me but my partner Ivo sent me something today to where carriers are actually, and this was brand new to me. Is there are certain keywords where they’re creating a spam or they’re not delivering it. So I don’t know what those are off the top of my head. I will happily share that Investor Fuel. So if you want the real secrets, join this Mastermind because it’s absolutely incredible.
But yeah, there’s about 10 different key words to where we like literally he sent it to Anny right away since she handles our marketing on the wholesale side, and he’s like, “Hey, yo, fix your messages. Four of the bigger carriers are like using these as trigger words for spam and non-deliverables.” And that’s all the little stuff that can make all the difference because now that I’m not using these words, I’m going to be getting ahold of people, you’re not, and that’s a big deal.
Mike: Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, people are like, you know, that’s where email is now. I get hundreds of emails a day, a ton of them are marked as spam and most of them really are spam.
And, you know, even with for somebody that’s like in my business or your business, I do a lot of email marketing. So like, it’s this uphill battle to get into the inbox because Gmail is so good at calling something a promotion or saying it’s junk mail, and it’s just a matter of time before those same kind of principles are applied towards texting and cold calls and all sorts of other stuff. I mean, all these people are trying to protect you as the customer. As a marketer, we’re trying to cut through some of that and get ahold of people ultimately.
Jesse: Absolutely. No, that’s a perfect analogy. I hadn’t even thought of that. But yeah, that’s right because a lot of people just want to a mass market and that doesn’t always work because so like with our email list because you know, we do quite a bit of email marketing to our customers, we have real lists and we still struggle. People opt in and people are our customers, we still struggle to get in the inbox. It’s crazy.
So as I said, we’re going to try and stay ahead of that curve on our RVM and SMS and that is, you know, absolutely stuff that I will be sharing and you know, Investor Fuel because as I said, I want everybody to be as successful as they possibly can. And it can be just the smallest little things to where it makes all the difference. You’d be really surprised and in our business on just being on top of stuff and how important it is.
Mike: No doubt. The little details are critical in our business for sure. So Jesse, would you would you mind, you guys have been a member for Investor Fuel for a while now you’re also a sponsor in the group. Would you mind just kind of sharing a testimonial of what the group is like? I don’t know what you thought it would be like when you came in, but maybe you could even share like, how it’s different than what you thought or, you know, what your thoughts are on the group as a whole.
Jesse: Well, Ivo is the one that talked to you and kind of found it. So I was walking into I didn’t know anything. I looked at the website, but I didn’t know your format. I didn’t know anything. And I’ve actually told a lot of people I was like, this is my favorite mastermind that I’ve been to because I sponsor a lot of stuff, I go to a lot of events and, you know, I’ve built some real, real good relationships with some people.
Obviously, you mentioned Jamie Wooley, I’m me and Anny and Ivo are very, very close with her now. And that became that started at Investor Fuel. RJ we’re starting to have, you know, a pretty close relationship to where I’m getting to know him a little bit better.
Josh [Hines 00:26:44], he’s in your Gold group. I’m actually kind of speaking of somebody, I kind of took him under my wing in a sense. I haven’t done a ton for him but you know, I’ve given him just a few tips and tricks and we talk on the phone every week or two. And he’s like, I think your best Gold member now like just crushing it.
So, you know, it’s just it’s amazing the relationships you get and just everybody does stuff a little bit differently so you can add little things here and there to your business or if you’re newer, and this is for me who’s someone that does a lot of deals and really is, you know, connected in and talks to a lot of people. I still get stuff at every single event I go to and I absolutely love it.
Mike: Yeah, what are your thoughts on like obviously you network a lot. You’re in lots of kind of informal groups, right? And, but there’s something to be said about when you’re paying and our group is not, it’s not cheap, but when you pay more, you tend to pay attention more, right?
But when you get in the room, it’s just, people are there. We talked a lot about go giving today and kind of mentality of abundance. But there’s something to be said for when you’re kind of behind closed doors and you’re tied to these people, you have a common theme that you’re the type of person is willing to invest in themselves and you take this seriously. Like there’s something like magical that starts to happen with kind of sharing and you know, not that people are necessarily competing, but it forces you to continually raise the bar on yourself and your own performance too, right?
Jesse: Absolutely. As I said, it’s just the group that you have there is incredible. Everybody gives, everybody shares and the way you set things up to where people are going over their businesses and their KPIs. And then you have, you know, a bunch of people doing less or more the same amount ripping apart their business and helping them get better. I mean, iron sharpens iron, my friend, and that is what your mastermind does.
Mike: Awesome. Awesome. Hey, thanks so much. We’re glad you’re a part of it. So Jesse, if folks want to learn more about Batch, about you, but any of the awesome stuff you’re working on, where can they go to learn more? Gove us some links and some, you know, wherever you think they should go.
Jesse: So if they want, I mean, batchskiptracing.com is our skip tracing service, batchleadstacker.com is our list stacker software, which is incredible. We are developing it every day to make it better and better. If you want to reach out to me personally on Instagram, it’s Jesse Burrell. Just my first and last name, J-E-S-S-E B-U-R-R-E-L-L. And you can look me up on Facebook and send me a message as well. So those are probably the two easiest ways to get ahold of me. I’m with my phone and try and reach back at everybody, you know, as quickly as I can.
Mike: Yep, awesome. Well, we’ll have links down below in the show notes for anybody that kind of missed that if you’re not able to write it down. So well, Jesse, thanks so much for joining us today and sharing this, not just the message of abundance, but thanks for being an abundant person in the industry. I mean, I think it makes this business more fun. It makes this real estate investing opportunity for so many people that’s changed their lives, that’s changed my life and I know it changed your life.
Jesse: Absolutely.
Mike: It actually makes it easier to achieve kind of financial freedom when there’s people like you in this industry that are willing to open up and share what they know with others.
Jesse: I appreciate it. Well, thank you so much for having me on the show. I really do appreciate it.
Mike: Absolutely, buddy. Great to see you and I’ll actually see you next week at Investor Fuel.
Jesse: Yes, sir. I’ll see you Sunday.
Mike: Awesome. Everybody, hey, thanks for joining us for today’s episode. I hope you got some value out of this. Have an abundant mindset. At the end of the day, it makes this business more fun. If you’re in a foxhole by yourself and you just take and don’t help other people, it’s kind of a miserable life over time. I mean, you might be successful in the short term, but over time, you know, the industry and the people that are giving are just going to pass you by.
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