Happy New Year everybody! I’m excited to be here! Today, we have my buddy, Max Keller. We are going to talk about how to make a bigger impact with your marketing by becoming an influencer and how to use your advertising to really dominate and stand out from other people. This is an innovative, pretty cool, and intuitive topic. Let’s get started!

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Mike:Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the show. Excited to be here. Happy new year. By the way, today, we’re going to be talking with my buddy, Max Keller. And we’re going to be talking about how to make a bigger impact with your marketing by becoming an influencer. Like, how do you use your advertising to really dominate and stand out from other people. Some pretty innovative stuff here. Pretty cool. It’s going to be pretty intuitive actually too. So excited to talk to you about that today.
Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. In fact, real estate is just a vehicle to freedom. A group of over a hundred of the nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country meet several times a year at the Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends and build more fulfilling lives for all of those around us. On today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation of fueling our businesses and fueling our lives. I’m glad you’re here. Hey, Max. Welcome to the show.
Max:Hey, how are you doing, Mike?
Mike:Good to see you, neighbor.
Max:Yeah. No, that’s great.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Max:You’re Mr. Worldwide, like Pitbull . . .
Mike: Whatever.
Max:. . . down the street. So that’s quite a benefit.
Mike:Yeah. I need to update my wardrobe if I’m going to be like Pitbull, I think so.
Max:Yeah. He’s pretty dapper, but you’re keeping up, keeping those collar stays in.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So everybody we’re going to talk today about . . . You know, at the end of the day, if you’re advertising for leads right now, which everybody watching the show probably is, you know, you’ve kind of felt the pinch on, is your advertising less effective? There’s a lot of competition. You know, how do you stand out more? And Max is a real estate investor, and he’s pivoted a few times to do different things as we all kind of have. And he’s found some pretty interesting ways that help him stand out from the competition that we can all learn from. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Max, before we kind of dive into that, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and how you found your way into real estate investing?
Max:Yeah, sure. Thanks, Mike. Well, I went to UT Austin, Longhorns. Get it. We were there at the same time. I think your grades were better.
Mike:We didn’t know each other then, but we really . . .
Max:We didn’t know each other.
Mike:It turns out actually, for everyone’s listening right now, Max and I, after school, we worked for the same company for a while. Like all these things, we didn’t know each other at the time, but when we, like, look back at our stories, there’s a lot of overlap there.
Max:Yeah. It’s a small world. So I did corporate finance and recruiting for about six years when I got out of college. I didn’t really like the corporate environment. I didn’t really understand how to become an entrepreneur. You know, if I did, I would have made that jump. And instead, I became a teacher. I taught high school math for seven years. I wanted to make more money, got into real estate and went through the normal progression, wholesaling, start fixing flip, did about 100 houses in three years here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, rentals, seller finance.
And then I started . . . You know, I discovered something through some of my mentors and coaches, a real, like, superpower, and it was writing books to get customers. And so I went on that journey and now it’s turned into a across the United States movement. And so, you know, my goal today, I’m still doing real estate investing. I’m investing in mobile homes. I’m still doing some wholesaling on single family. And I have a publishing company and I’m writing books, and teaching people how they can take their message that they already have, and present it a little differently to get, I mean, 10X, 100X difference. It really has made a huge, huge difference. So that’s what we’re going to teach today is how you can . . . If somebody is listening and they’re in their local market, and they feel like they’re a dime a dozen, there’s a lot of people who are doing what they’re doing, how to stand out in a big way.
Mike:Yeah. And it’s good stuff. You know, I won’t steal any thunder, but obviously I’ve been doing some traveling, and speaking, and going on TV shows, and stuff like that. And for me, ultimately, it’s the same thing. It’s how you build authority. And so how do you stand out from somebody else? Like, well, if you’re a bestselling author or you even have a published book, which obviously most people don’t, things like that allow people to say, “Wow. This person’s for real.” Like, I don’t know, you know, compared to all these other people, they don’t hold a chance. Right? And so is this kind of, how do you have the perception at least of becoming more authoritative, and more maybe reliable, and anything that we think of. Like, a lot of people look up at celebrities and politicians or whatever. They’re all just people, but they’ve kind of been elevated to some level, probably more in our minds than anything. But that’s really what matters most is perception, right?
Max:Yeah. And what’s key here, you know, we’re going to go over, like, the five main ways that, you know, in a short amount of time that your viewers can take away. So write these down. Take some notes. That’s teacher Max coming out. But basically what you said, you know, each one of y’all, a lot of people think like, so number one is that you can’t just start calling yourself an expert and be one. It doesn’t work like that. The title is something that your customers put on you. But you can do some things to put the odds in your favor. And one of them is sharing your expertise because everybody here listening has an expertise.
There’s a lot of misconceptions. Like, you have to do a thousand deals, or you have to do 10,000 deals, or you have to be in the business for five years. You know, your expertise is something that you know really well. It’s just that simple. And marketing is all about trust. And so people who write books, who are authors, they have taken the time to share and teach that expertise in the book. And if you can or whatever your messaging is . . . You know, you’re just developing trust so much faster. So, whenever the time is right, Mike, we’ll jump into these five points and . . .
Mike:Yeah, let’s jump into number one. You kind of just alluded to a little bit, which is really kind of how you position yourself, but tell us more about that.
Max:Yeah. So, Max Keller, you know, two years ago, you know, I was going to somebody’s house, I had expertise in helping seniors with their unique challenges. You know, a senior homeowner has a lot of things to go through. They’re not just . . . Most of my best customers were seniors. And so, you know, I would meet with these folks for many hours. They needed a lot of help. They needed to, you know, help move somewhere else. They needed . . . A lot of things were going on. It’s like a big change in a big time that was happening.
And so, when I would go to the house before I wrote a book, “The Step by Step Senior Housing Guide,” I was just a salesperson. You know, they didn’t know me from anybody else. And they were like, “Okay.” I get all these letters in the mail so I must have something that Max and all these other people want. And so I was like down here and they were like up here. Okay. But then when I wrote my first book, I’ve written a lot of books now because they’re really powerful, and I’m a teacher. And it’s just like, books are really not that complicated.
People are complicated. It’s real simple. Take your customers five biggest problems, make a chapter about each one, how they can solve it, and just make sure, you know, all the solutions don’t point to you, that it’s really a reference document. And there’s some things in between, but I can share some resources. But that’s what this book is. This was the frequently asked questions that all my customers were having. And so I started sharing that. And when I wrote the book and it was . . . The key secret sauce, if anybody’s listening and they’re thinking about writing a book or they don’t know how, it’s not that hard. The biggest thing is, is that write the book about your customer and the problems they’re having. Don’t write it about just yourself because people don’t really care about that. You know.
Mike:Yeah. Right. It’s the same thing whenever we’re advertising for seller leads and really in any business, at the end of the day . . . Because I’ve taught . . . You know, I obviously do a lot of coaching and stuff too. I tell people, their, like, worried about their brand, their logo. I tell them like, “Look, people want you to be able to solve their problems. They don’t care about you or the name of your company or anything, ultimately.” There should be maybe something that resonates in that direction. They don’t care about anything other than can you solve their problem? Are you credible and can you help solve their problem? Right?
Max:And so what happened is to close out on the first point, expert versus salesperson, is that when I wrote this book, people would call in and they say, “Hey, I got your flyer. I saw that you, you know, buy houses.” And I said, “Well, did you get a copy of our book yet?” And they’re like, “No.” And I’d say, “Okay. Well, before I come over to your house, I want you to read chapter 3. It’s all the ways to sell your house, pros and cons of each. And if you still want to sell your house, then I’ll come over.” And so I send them . . . I courier them a copy of my book. And then when I went over to their house, two days later, you know, there wasn’t a line of people. They told everybody else to get lost because they already have the person who wrote the book on senior housing. Why do they need to talk to anybody?
Mike:Right. They’ve gone right to the expert.
Max:Yeah. So that was like . . . So that’s a way that you can really quickly position yourself in your real estate market, and it has huge differences. And, you know, so then I’m going over to the folks’ house and I’m not trying to build trusts or convince them to pick me. They’ve already done that. All we’re doing is we’re . . . And there’s some benefits here on the other four we’ll talk about, that now we’re just really getting into their problem. And it’s a lot more relaxed setting and they really, like, take, you know, the screens down a little bit, and they can kind of open up because they trust you.
Mike:Yeah. Instead of a salesperson, you’re now, like, a trusted advisor or a counselor, right?
Max:Right. And the kind of [inaudible 00:09:14] . . .
Mike: [inaudible 00:09:14] changes a lot. You’re just, “I’m here to give you some advice now. I’m not trying to sell you on anything. I have a solution for you if you want it, but if not, I’m going to give you some great advice anyway.” Right?
Max:Yeah. So a lot of people, if they do write books about . . . I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of lead generation books, and I consult for people who help, you know, get advice about their book, but . . . You know, and people coauthor my book, you know, across the nation. And one of the mistakes that a lot of people make is number one, it’s not customer focused. You know, so, like, that’s number one. You got to make it customer focused. And then number two is that all the solutions point to them. That is not what you want to do because then you don’t really look like the foundational source. You look just like a salesperson with a book. You want to be the connector. So that’s number one.
Mike:Let’s talk about . . . What’s number two? What’s the second secret of kind of how to dominate, how to get your . . . ? By the way, all of these things too, when you do advertise, without stealing any thunder here, they make your advertising more effective, right? Because you have this authority over the top of it. You’re not just in the stack of a postcards or letters people get. So what’s the number two secret, Max?
Max:Yeah. Number two is, you know, blogs, podcasts, and content marketing. So, you know, everybody is doing research about you. If you study the buying cycle, which, you know, you and I study, of course, you want to learn how to serve our customers at the highest level. People do research on you and when they do research online, you know, what are they going to find? And what’s really cool about writing a book, or a booklet, or putting together this one time is this becomes all the content for any . . . You know, you can take little . . . Like, right here, option one, sell the house with an agent, pros and cons. There’s a checklist in here of all the questions you should ask a real estate investor.
So all of these become little pieces of micro content that you can create a podcast, and just speak, and teach your audience, a blog post. It can be content that you use in your marketing, your direct mail marketing. And then it also opens up the doors to speaking opportunities on local radio, local, you know, TV shows. You know, I called a classical music station in our market. And, you know, there’s a lot of seniors on it and senior homeowners are like my favorite customer. My grandma helped take care of me. So that’s part of it. It’s all in the book. If your audience wants to get a copy and you stay until the end, I’ll give you this special code and we have a little surprise.
But the long story short is I called this company and I knew there was other people who were buying homes that advertised on it. Now, were they experts when they do the advertisement or salespeople? Salespeople. And I asked them what their packages were. It was like $2,000. And I said, “Hey, you know, I wrote a book on senior housing and it speaks to your audience. Do you ever, like, interview authors?” And they were like, “Oh yeah, we do that on Saturdays.” And I’m like, “Well, how much does that cost?” And there was, like, this long pause and they were like, “Well, free.” And I’m like . . . I mean, do you see the difference? It’s like I could pay 2,000 a month and be a salesperson or I could go on the classical music show on Saturday, and all the senior homeowners are tuning in, and it’s free. So, like, that’s number two why it’s such a superpower.
Mike:Yeah. When you’re positioning . . . When people think you’re an authority or they presume you’re an authority, you know, often they’ll sell themselves on why they should listen to you versus you having to sell them on why they should listen to you. Right? Because you’re like . . . Well, you’re the go-to person for that.
Mike:Yup. Yup. So what’s the next secret, Max?
Max:The next secret number three is, you know, promote your book, not you. So a lot of times when I would go on a sales presentation before, I would be talking about my company and my solutions, and what, you know, I bring to the table. And with the book, it changes the whole paradigm. You can, instead of talking about me and what I offer, which makes people think, “Okay. He wants something,” I just talk about the book. You know, pastors do this all the time. They take the Bible and they open it up and they point to a page in it and everybody believes it because it’s the Bible. You know, the people who were there or whatever book you’re into. Right? And so the point is, is that, like, now when I go on a call, I’ll give you an example. I wrote a workbook that goes with my book because I’m a teacher, you’ve got to have the workbook.
Mike:That’s hilarious.
Max:You’ve got to have that. And what’s interesting is, is that when you teach workshops and classes, all of a sudden now you’re really not a threat. You know, and now churches that were hesitant to have discount homebuyers come into their place of worship. Now, all of a sudden, when you’re a published author and you have a workshop to teach, they’re like, “Oh, come on in.” So I’m getting access to help and serve people in places that because of the misconceptions around people in our industry, I wasn’t able to. And I was trying to figure out how to do that for a long time. So I go to a call with a client and they say, “Well, I’m thinking about fixing up the house myself or I’m thinking about just selling it to you directly.” Well, you and I had been in the business, the investors who are listening, you can tell pretty quickly which option is really best for them, but it doesn’t matter what you think. It’s what they think is their idea.
Max:So instead of me telling him a hundred times and they’re resisting and not believing and, you know, pendulum theory, I just point to the book. I just say, “Well, here is . . . These are the three ways to sell your home,” and anybody wants to see this, I’ll get you a copy of it. Sorry you can’t see it too good. But there’s pros and cons to each one. I just let them pick which one is best for them. And when you can do that and it’s like about this reference document, and then you’re giving people . . . People like choices. So give people choices, create a reference document, and you’re going to be so much better positioned than any magic phrase that you learned on the internet.
Mike:Yeah, it’s funny. And I’ve talked about this over the years and I’m training, like, acquisitions people or whatever. Well, tell them these are the options and it’s amazing how . . . You know, even if you go to, like, Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s or any fast food restaurant, like, there’s a reason why they have the number. This is our menu and these are the numbers, right? And I have this friend that anytime we go to a restaurant, he does not order off the menu. He doesn’t even look at it. He’s like, “Oh, could you make me, like, a grilled chicken breast with this on the side?” But he’s different, right? Like, most people don’t do that. They want . . . not only do they want to believe that, you know, these are my options, they sometimes forget that, well, maybe I don’t have to choose any of those. They come up with new options. So people tend to like simplicity of, do you want A, B, or C instead of saying, “Well, what’s D?” They’re like, “Well, like, there’s not a D.”
Max:Exactly. Yeah. Cool. That’s great. So that’s number three.
Mike:Yeah. So we’re going through the five secrets here to kind of become an authority, make your advertising go further, and ultimately do more deals or sell more of whatever it is you’re selling, I guess, ultimately. So what’s the number four secret, Max?
Max:Number four is the power of accessing other influencers. And this is an incredible superpower. Like, I never . . . And I’d love to get up here and say that, you know, when I wrote this book and then I started co-authoring it with people all over the nation who we write into the book and they use it in their local area, I would love to say, like, I had this all planned out ahead of time. Nothing was further from the truth. And this one, number four, was actually the biggest thing that I did not expect. I was literally giving my book and sharing it with probate attorneys, CPAs. Before when I was just at discount homebuyer and I was just saying, “Hey, you know, if you have a customer who needs to sell your house, you know, give me a call.” They’re like, “Well, who is this yoyo?”
But then when you give them a book, they’re like, and you’re teaching a class . . . Like, I taught a class at our county’s probate, you know, attorney, like, monthly meeting. And there were 60 probate attorneys in there. And I taught this class, the three biggest misconceptions of senior housing for the seniors, their adult children and then, like, the influencers who shepherd, you know, them. And I said, “If you want to get a copy of the book, you can just come up here.” And about 20 people did. And I made good connections with about 10 of them. And they have sent me customers, and we have a really good, you know, reciprocal relationship. And so that’s been really, really cool because there’s so many influencers out there.
Like, a lot of . . . If we’re speaking right now, real estate investors, they’re so confused. They try to build these great relationships with people who do exactly what they do. And I’m not saying that’s bad but, you know, you’re competing for the same person in some respects. And I don’t have a scarcity mindset. I totally believe in abundance. I get all that. But here’s a little wrinkle. Find people who already have your ideal customer, but you don’t compete with. They offer a totally different service. It’s called a synergistic non-competitive influencer. So it’s . . . Let’s say it’s a probate attorney. The pro . . . I’ll give you another example. Duy, he’s over in a Winter Haven, Florida. You think there’s some seniors in Winter Haven, Florida?
Mike:Yeah. It’s heaven’s doorstep.
Max:Yeah, it’s right here. So Duy gave this book . . .
Mike:I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, Florida folks.
Max:No. Hey, we love Florida. But Duy gave this book to a referral agency that places people in senior housing facilities. That company makes money on the first month’s rent, placing somebody in an assisted living facility. They got his book and this goes back to . . . This’ll be number five. This is a preview to number five. They got his book from somebody else. It’s, like, getting passed around. And they called them up and they said, “We need your help because we have a lot of customers who we can’t place them in the senior home until they sell their house, and we don’t buy and sell houses, and we don’t know the right people that we can trust. And we trust you, so can you do that? Because if you don’t help them with their house, we’re not going to get a fee and we’re not going to be able to serve them for their wishes, you know, with the senior housing facility.” So, at that point, they really needed him more than he needed them. And so it really reverses things and influencers already know a lot of people and the people trust them.
You know, like, when I go speak at churches and the pastor is giving me and our workshop an endorsement from the stage, I mean, that’s pretty powerful. You know, I don’t have any . . . You know, I’ve read all these books about copywriting and how to create these messaging. Please listen to what I’m saying here. There is no messaging that you can put on a piece of direct mail that will compete with that, from the pastor giving a recommendation to somebody who’s going to go on to that church for 20 years. You can’t compete with that. You know, people who aren’t authors, when they go up against me, I mean, I’m not trying to sound arrogant, I’m honestly not, but they cannot compete because I have something that they don’t have, and it’s a very powerful tool.
And influencers will ratchet it up because they all talk and you give 10 books to an influencer and they’re passing it out to their closest contacts. And you’re borrowing all that credibility, and that now all of a sudden, they have a relationship with somebody for 10 years. Now, you have a relationship with them for 10 years. So the acceleration of the relationships through the referrals and influencers is, like, that’s what makes number four so magical.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So we’re down to number five. The number five, secret for how to really kind of [dominate 00:20:19] . . .
Max:Drum roll.
Mike:. . . in your market with your marketing. What’s number five, Max?
Max:We just got this one copywritten or whatever the little R is, trademarked.
Mike:Registered trademark.
Max:It’s called . . . You know more about it than I do. It’s called coffee table follow up. It’s real simple. You know, I would send out a lot of mail, one year . . . For me, a lot of mail was about $100,000 of direct mail. You know, and I would monitor it and do all the things you’re supposed to do and, you know, I’m sending people something that they don’t want. So I have to hit a timing bubble. That’s why you have to do all the different touches. Right? And you have to race out to the house.
You know, when I send somebody a piece of direct mail, sometimes they love it, but a lot of times they call Matt, or they think it’s junk mail. If I send somebody an email, it competes with their inbox, which is usually very full. But when I give somebody a copy of my book, it competes with the other autographed books from the author that they have in their collection. And usually, it’s not that many. So it goes on their coffee table and they never throw it away. Like, do you ever, like, think about throwing away a book and feel weird? Like, do you know what I’m talking about?
Mike:It feels weird. I honestly have stacks and drawers, and stuff full of books because even if I don’t read them or I’m not really that interested in that, I tend to not throw them away.
Max:But have you ever thrown away a piece of mail that you didn’t request or a business card that you didn’t request?
Mike:Every day. Every day.
Max:Right. So what’s so cool about it, that’s where it’s such a superpower, is that you can give somebody your book one time. The first house that we bought in Haltom City, Texas, was just like this. I’ll break down how the deal works. I sent out door to door flyers on, like, 16,000 houses. It had our benefits statement with three choices, just like we talked about earlier, but then it had a little kicker at the bottom and it said, by the way, “We wrote a book on senior housing. You can go to Amazon and buy it for $12.99, but if you call our office, we’ll send you a copy for free. And it teaches you how to do these things.”
So we got a call from a lady, she said that she wanted the book, we sent it to her. We said, “We’re going to call you in two weeks and just get your feedback on how you like it.” And then we called them and said, “What’d you think of the book?” And she said, “I really liked it. I read the whole thing. I’m actually better off now that I read the book. I’m actually in a pretty good spot, but my neighbor isn’t.” And so she walked next door and she has a walker. So, if it was a yellow letter, I mean, I never had anybody get my yellow letter and call me up and say, “Wow. You know, Max, I thought that this was handwritten and it turns out it’s a laser computer and that’s so ingenious. And so I wanted to take it. So I walked it across street with my walker, and gave to my neighbor . . .” It never happened to me. Has that happened to you?
Mike:No, no, no.
Max:Okay. But I mean, so maybe it still happens. But the point is that never happened to me with hundreds of thousands of dollars of mail. But she got in her walker and had one hand on the walker, and one hand on the book, and walked over to her neighbor’s house, gave her the book, and then the customer called us, and we bought her house. So, like, that is how, you know, coffee table follow up works. And once you are on somebody’s coffee table, you will never want to be in their junk mail again.
Mike:Yeah, that’s awesome. And you’ve talked a lot about, you know, really kind of aging seniors, but there’s a bunch of kind of silos that you could be the foreclosure expert. You could be whatever the expert. You could be all of those things, right? You could have books on different topics, but effectively, you through a lot of effort of your own, become the expert that stands out amongst everybody else that basically, you know . . . I don’t know, I might have some mail laying around here, that basically says, “Are you getting divorced or have this problem or this problem or this problem? We can help you.” It’s like, “Well, we’re the go to person for that because we wrote the book on it,” right?
Max:Here’s a real simple way that you can do it. And if anybody wants to engage afterwards, I have an open line of communication. I love helping people. So we’ll put all that in there and everything like that. And if you want to get a copy of this book, what I was going to do, if it’s okay with you, is for the first 50 people who comment down below that you liked the show, for those people, we’ll put an email address, just send us an email to Mike or me, whatever we work out, and I’ll get you a copy of the book for free so you don’t have to buy it. And you can see what a teaching document for your ideal customer looks like. And then you can just copy what I’ve done and model it for whatever yours is.
And here’s a quick idea. There’s somebody in your group, Mike, I was listening, they were talking about people going through pre-foreclosure. And that’s obviously an area of great business opportunity and an opportunity to serve those people. You always want to do both. You want it to be a win-win. And somebody said, they made a comment and they said, you know, “The pre-foreclosures list as a good . . . There’s a lot of people there who need help, but they’re really difficult to work with because there’s so many challenges going on.” And so what you could do with that is just like, it’s the easiest pivot ever. You can create a small little booklet. I have a template that I can send people who are interested where you can create a little 32-page booklet. You don’t have to write a whole book, you know, but you can create a small little booklet.
And I went up to that person afterwards. I said, “Hey, you’re an expert right in pre-foreclosures?” And they’re like, “Yeah.” I’m like, “Do you know, like, how to keep people out of free, you know, pre-foreclosure?” He’s like, “Oh yeah. I can think of, like, 5 or 10 or 20 ways, like, right off the top of my head.” I’m like, “Well, what if you just created a little booklet that said, “Call us if you need to sell right now. But if you want to weigh your options, we have this book that we created called, you know, “The Top Seven Ways to Keep Your House Out of Foreclosure?” And just add a little kicker. I’m all about . . . nothing wrong with interruption marketing. I love lists. I love stacking lists. I think we still do that. It works.
But what I’m advocating for, for the benefit of the person you’re serving and for you, the business owner is add a little bit of permission marketing, add a little bit of content, add a little bit of education, and you will be surprised how this whole other category of people that you’re already paying for starts engaging with you, with your brand. And now through your follow-up sequence, you can get more customers from the same marketing spend and you’re going to get a lot better customers because the profit per customer on a book customer versus a direct mail customer is almost twice as high. And we can go into all the reasons why. There’s a lot of them, but I think you understand is that when you serve people at a totally different level, that’s how you make more profit in your business because you’re creating more value. And so figuring out how to do that will multiply the effects of whatever you’re doing.
Mike:That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Well, Max, we appreciate you sharing this amazing information with us today. Good stuff.
Max:Well, my pleasure.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. And you’re a relatively new member of the Investor Fuel Mastermind, so we’re excited to have you in the group. Can you share a little of the information, just kind of insights or a little bit of a testimonial on . . . ? I know you’ve been in a lot of different masterminds, and not looking to necessarily compare, but you have a lot of experience in groups. Like, what are your thoughts on the Investor Fuel Mastermind?
Max:I like that, you know, there’s a lot of people in there from all over the country. So I always love to learn from people in different states. And, you know, what’s happening in different states is either already happened in your state so you can share and help or it’s, you know, about to happen. So you really get that forward-looking view of what’s coming up in your area. But I felt like it’s a very good community, family atmosphere, and everybody wants to help each other. And so I’ve had so many great conversations with people. You know, I really, really love it. I would recommend it for sure. And, like I said, it’s just, there’s a lot of knowledge in the room, and it’s all different levels. And I feel like everybody at the different levels, there’s enough people at every level.
You know, it’s a large enough group. I’ve been in groups before where, you know, maybe it’s a lot of beginners and you’re not. So it’s kind of like . . . Or there’s people who are super advanced and they’re giving you advice from their point of view, but they don’t remember what it was like 20 years ago when they got started. And so I think probably the biggest benefit is there’s such a good mix. You can find somebody who’s, like, a little bit ahead of where you’re at, but not, like, a thousand years and plug in for the day-to-day stuff. And you can still see the people who are way ahead and, like, aspire to that. You know what I mean?
Mike:Awesome. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Max. So, if folks want to learn more, you mentioned a little bit ago about leaving comments down below, but this gets syndicated to across a whole bunch of different sites and stuff like that. So I’m not sure if that’ll make sense or not. But how do folks learn more about you, about your book, and anything else you want to kind of share with us?
Max:Yeah, absolutely. Well, just give the video a thumbs up. We want to share it with as many people as possible, like and follow, subscribe. And I’ll put my email address in there. So it’s [email protected], like our Lord and savior, publishing house.com. And that goes directly to me and my assistant. And if you want a copy of the book, I’ll give away, like, 50 copies. And you can take a look at it and get a good understanding of how this whole thing works, and just kind of make this maybe your template. And the more that you decide and choose to engage with me, I’ll reciprocate.
I have a book template that we give away. That’s what I use to write. I’ve written three books now, and I’m on number four. And so, you know, I have a template that I go through which is about 10 questions that I ask myself before I write any book. So I can share that resource with people. Just want to be a conduit for anybody listening who’s starting this journey or they have a book right now, and they want to position it differently. I said I was a teacher for seven years, so I love to help any way I can, and I just appreciate being able to get on the show and help.
Mike:Yeah, absolutely. Great to see you, my friend. Thanks for joining us today.
Max:My pleasure.
Mike:Awesome. And everybody, hey, thanks for joining us for the “Investor Fuel Mastermind” podcast. We’ve been doing the show for coming up on a year now. And, of course, we’ve got the other “FlipNerd” show we’ve been doing for six years now. Hard to believe we just crossed 500 episodes here a few weeks back on that. So, if you haven’t already subscribed to either one of our shows, the “Investor Fuel Mastermind” show or the “FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Secrets” show, I’d love it if you go subscribe to either one of those shows. Give us a positive review if you love it and share it with a friend, share with somebody you care about. Right, Max? They should share it with somebody that they care about. That’s the best gift you could give somebody today is access to one of my shows. What do you think?
Max:One hundred percent. I have a site coming out that’s going to be YouTube. We have a new channel that comes out on Saturday. It’s called “Customers Chasing You” and we’re going to have some additional content on there, and questions that a lot of people ask so people can check that out. But yeah, the best gift that you can give somebody who’s really motivated, and hungry, and has that burning white hot desire is knowledge. So book recommendations and all the content that you put on here is good. So make that time investment and just watch all these episodes because they all have something that you can . . . you can take away at least one or two things from each one.
Mike:No doubt. Everybody, thanks for joining us today. We’ll see you on the next show. Are you an active real estate investor? If so, and you want to latch onto the power of surrounding yourself with over 100 of the nation’s leading real estate investors all committed to building stronger businesses and living richer, fuller lives, you should jump on a call with us to learn more about Investor Fuel. Simply visit investor fuel.com to get started.