Today, I’m here with my buddy, Mike Singletary. Today, we are going to talk about the quality of your business and consistency in your business over quantity. Sometimes, as real estate investors, we’re cheap, we do a bunch of stuff on the cheap, we do it quick and dirty, but it’s not always best.

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    [00:00:00] Mike Hambright: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show today. I’m here with my buddy Mike Singletary. We’re gonna be talking about quality of your business and consistency in your business. Over quantity. Sometimes as real estate investors, we’re cheap. We do a bunch of stuff on the cheap. We do a quick and dirty, but it’s not always best. Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. That real estate is just a vehicle to freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country. Meet several times a year at the investor fuel real estate mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends.

    And there’s more fulfilling lives for all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation, fueling our businesses and our lives. I’m glad you’re here.

    [00:01:00] Hey, Mike, welcome to the show.

    Mike Singletary: [00:01:04] Hey, what’s going on? Mike, how are you doing good to see you.

    Good to see it. Mike and I have been friends for a long time. In fact, we just talked for like 50 minutes before we started the recording here. So that’s one of, honestly it, part of the reason I do the show I do my podcast is I just, I like that.

    It’s a way for me to hang out with my friends, you know,

    will be recorded. Some of that stuff. I

    Mike Hambright: [00:01:21] know. Yeah, you can, you kind of joke like, Hey, we can be done with the podcast. We should have just recorded our conversation, but. It probably would have been, uh, we would have had to put a bunch of bleeps in there.


    Mike Singletary: [00:01:32] I’m gonna apologize in advance. Right. It’s just the case.

    Mike Hambright: [00:01:35] Yeah. So, you know, I know you and I, uh, we’re in agreement here that a lot of real estate investors do stuff cheap, or, you know, I told you I get text messages for houses. I haven’t even known for years. He was like, are people selling those lists?

    Are people not refreshing their list? Or are they just using outdated stuff? Cause it seems cheap. But the truth is, is in. In reality, it’s expensive because you’re wasting your time doing stuff that’s on productive. Right. So, and we’re going to jump through a bunch of that today. And I think hopefully [00:02:00] it’s a little bit of a wake up call for some investors.

    We’re gonna probably say some things and they’re gonna be like, Oh crap. I do that. Which we all do, but yeah. You know,

    Mike Singletary: [00:02:08] DNA, man, you know what I mean? I was looking for something cheaper. Yeah.

    Mike Hambright: [00:02:12] Yup. Yup. But Hey, before we jump in, um, you and I have been friends for a long time. When did we meet? We probably met like.

    2010 or so.

    Mike Singletary: [00:02:20] Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know the exact year, but yes,

    Mike Hambright: [00:02:23] it was a glorious day from what I recall. Yeah.

    Mike Singletary: [00:02:25] That’s

    Mike Hambright: [00:02:28] my life. Yeah. And tell my wife that or my son, but, um, uh, but no, we’ve been friends for a long time. You remember of investor fuel. I’m excited to talk about this today. For those that don’t know, you, maybe tell us your, your background a little bit, how you got into real estate investing.

    Mike Singletary: [00:02:41] Yeah. I was in a totally different industry about seven years ago. Uh, which, and I remember, I, I, it’s one of the things that could connect with investors a lot, because I remember still exactly what it was like to be brand new. Uh, so we started about seven years ago. I was in the, uh, a different system. And then we left that system about four years ago.

    And, uh, you [00:03:00] know, now we have a. Uh, investment business in central Texas. Uh, we buy houses from Waco all the way down to San Antonio and I’m founder of skip horse, which is the tracing service, uh, that we provide. We try to provide the best value for our investors around the country.

    Mike Hambright: [00:03:12] Yup. Yup. And you, and talk about, so you were a, you were a hairstylist before, right?

    Mike Singletary: [00:03:17] You know, I wasn’t gonna bring that up, but yeah. Yeah. I’m actually,

    Mike Hambright: [00:03:19] I want to, are you a salon owner? Yeah, and I, I, Hey, I mean, I’m not here to judge.

    Mike Singletary: [00:03:27] No, no, no. So yeah, that’s part of my story. So I own high end here to launch in Houston, Texas. So it’s a totally different gig. It was real artistic, I think in my heart, I’m an artistic guy.

    Right. Uh, but going from that, where you’re around women all the time, which by the way is way better gender. Yeah.

    Mike Hambright: [00:03:44] Hanging out with a bunch of like dirty contractors and stuff now. And you, and these were just women. I mean, you were doing stuff. I mean, you were, you were some pretty high end stuff working with models and stuff too, right?

    Mike Singletary: [00:03:53] It was, yeah, it was, it was a lot of fun, you know, and, but, you know, quite honestly, I looking [00:04:00] back now, I was nowhere near the marketer that I should have been. Well, that’s what real estate is really done for me. Right. I mean, you can show me how to market. And we talked about this quite a bit, a lot of brick and mortars don’t understand the marketing game and that naturally, I mean, shit, I’m sorry, two years ago, I don’t even know what skip tracing was now.

    I want to get facing company. Right, right. As a manager has opened your mind, looking at the marketing.

    Mike Hambright: [00:04:24] Yeah, we talked about that a little bit, but ahead of time. But I think that real estate investors are, uh, because of necessity are more the marketers and the average small business. Like you said, if you want a hair salon or a restaurant or something like that, a lot of your marketing is based on location.

    It’s just your, your physical location is. A big part of your marketing is just, I paid more money to be on the corner of main and main and people drive by. And that’s my main source of marketing for us. We’ve got to get scrappy. We got to find ways to get people to contact us. Right. Usually. Yeah. What kind of quality and consistency in our business over, [00:05:00] um, Over just quantity and being busy and doing stuff.

    And like, we’re going to jump into a number of different areas, but first let’s start with deals. Like one of the things that happens is a lot, you hear a lot of real estate investors talk about their deal flow. Like I’m trying to do 40 deals this year or a hundred deals or whatever it is. And we all know that you can’t like.

    You can’t put deals in the bank, right? So a lot of real estate investors end up doing deal flow, but some of that deal, it was crap. Right. And it’s just a big waste of time and your resources ultimately. So maybe kind of share your thoughts on the importance of focusing on quality there versus quantity.

    Mike Singletary: [00:05:33] Yeah, absolutely. Man, I didn’t bother 100% guilty of this. Right. So what I want again, I got a big ego, like most people in industry we want to do, we would do things really well. And I remember that Haley’s want to do more houses because that’s how we define success in this one, how many houses that we purchased.

    Right. And so you built a big team. You have to go through this whole process. You’re not really betting as, as well. Uh, and so it was a lot of stress for me personally. I can’t talk about it. It was a lot of stress, right. And so the, [00:06:00] now I had to really have a conversation. What I wanted. Exactly what I wanted and would use less deal flow.

    The margins are better obviously, uh, and the nets better and without all the stresses involved with it. So I think laser focusing on what you really want and what you want to target on. I think that just like anything else, anything you focus on expands, right?

    Mike Hambright: [00:06:18] Yup. Yeah. And anybody, I know most people that I know that focus too much on volume, um, what happens is they start to convince themselves that in order to compete, I need to pay more.

    Um, and you know, I know you and I are cut from the same cloth, like we’re from the let’s let’s buy him deep club. Right. So like, I would rather, if I, we I’ve probably passed on a lot of, I probably pass on thousands of marginal deals. Cause it just wasn’t deep enough. Right. Yeah. But every once in a while you’re like, man, we’ve got to get another deal.

    And you do when you’re like, ah, we never should have done this deal or we’ve all done that. But, um, what I know from the people let’s start to convince themselves that in order for me to compete, I need to pay more is even if they bought some deep and they like pay overpay [00:07:00] for some. Ultimately, they start, they, cause if you have a team like an acquisition team, you start to train them to set that precedent that like do whatever it takes to get a deal.

    And what happens, you start overpaying for everything and you, you know, this is really a game of, of a base hits. But what we, I think what we thrive from is the ability that every once in a while we hit a home run. Right. And so, um, if you start to convince yourself that, you know, it’s all, it’s all about, you know, singles, then you effectively will never hit a home run.


    Mike Singletary: [00:07:30] Yeah, I think, you know, I mean, ultimately I think you’re absolutely right. I think ultimately an art in our industry home runs kind of fall in your lap. If you’re doing enough marketing, right. That’s just going to happen, you know? Right. But your overhead. I mean, it’s just the cost of actually doing a deal.

    If you’re doing that type of volume and the team, like I said, went back to the team aspect. Yeah. That cost a lot of money and managing people then, you know, all this other stuff. So really, you know, I’m not knocking any of that as well. I was like, man, I know a lot of people that have big operations and they are free, like the freedom that we all seek.

    [00:08:00] Right. But it was truthful. I think most people are caught in the grinder. And they won’t feel the freedom, you know, we get, we get up, we get it just like, I think you’ve said this many, many times, right? I mean, we leave a job, become a prison about this. Right. So, uh, how do we get transitioned out of that?

    That, that’s the tough part. And I think just being laser focused on what your model really is, is the key, you know?

    Mike Hambright: [00:08:27] Yep. Yup. Awesome. So let’s talk about kind of quality over quantity or over kind of being cheap with, with people. Right? And so I think we’re all guilty of, you know, this, this industry is, um, just a ton of people that hire VA’s now.

    Well, by the way, um, we have about 20 VA’s on our team, so I’m not against virtual assistants at all, but I think what’s happened is with text message marketing and some other things like sometimes people source things to virtual assistants in the name of being. You know, frugal, but they’re just not like [00:09:00] what, what’s the opportunity cost of doing that wrong.

    Right. And so, um, you know, sometimes people try to hire somebody that’s cheap, even with VA’s. I mean, there’s a big difference between a $3 an hour VA and a, an $8 an hour. I mean, huge difference in quality usually. Right. And so we have some tasks that are just critical from marketing to. Uh, a lot of things in this business and sometimes people just outsource it to somebody that’s just not equipped to do that in the effort to save money, but it ends up costing them a lot more.

    In the end. Would you agree with that?

    Mike Singletary: [00:09:30] 100% agree? I mean, opportunity cost is big. So whenever you’re talking about ISA TPA, so I’ll have seven VA’s on, on my team. And about four of them has been with me for over three years. One has been with me the whole time. She’s really now my operations manager. She’s just.

    Fantastic. You know, but she wasn’t that at first, right? I mean, we put a lot of time and effort and also she has that mindset of wanting to improve, wanting to grow. So she’s really grown into the role. And so back to what you were saying 100%, but it’s really has to do with how much training are you going to [00:10:00] put forth a lot of the mistakes that we make as investors.

    And I’m guilty of this sooner for, sorry, I’m hiring him. I’m going to train him for about a couple of days and I’m going to throw them on the dollar and go, Hey, Matt, I’m going to give a woman. I get leads. Right. And so, so, um, that’s the key. You got to put a lot of time and effort into your people. And also, uh, you know, it depends on what your business model is.

    You pay what you get for what people, there’s no doubt about that. But at the same time, I’m not just going to give people a lot of money at the beginning because I’ve made that mistake as well. You look great. I’m going to pay you this. You’re going to be fantastic. That doesn’t work. I think people just have to prove themselves and have to be specific in that role.

    And then to me and my business, it’s worked better when they group into

    Mike Hambright: [00:10:39] another role. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So people is an important one. And you mentioned training too, and you’re right. Like it’s so easy to, to just like. You know, say, well, they’ll figure it out. Right. And a lot of times it just, you have to have this constant training, constant development of people and be committed to that.

    So it’s kind of [00:11:00] like, you know, if somebody buys a swimming pool and they’re like, yeah, I’ve got, I’m gonna spend all my money on the swimming pool, but then they don’t have the money to maintain it. Or they don’t make the effort to maintain it. Then the pool looks like shit. And they’re just like, the thing sucks.

    I don’t ever want to use it. It’s so gross. You’re like, well, you know, there’s, there’s this kind of saying, like, if you can’t afford to buy it twice, like you can’t afford it right. For people that’s, that’s the cost of the person, but it’s also the cost and the effort that goes into the training of making sure that that person can be productive for you.

    And as you know, this is a maturity thing for us. Cause I, I used to just, I cared more about production than I did. This is gonna sound bad, but of their like happiness necessarily. And you know, what I, what I’ve found out with, with people, um, is that especially VA, especially when you’re virtual and that you can’t see them, you’re just like out of sight, out of mind sometimes.

    And you kind of forget sometimes that, like, they want to be fulfilled too. They want to do a good job. They want to be developed. They want to get more responsibility and, and if they can take on those things, of course, you’re happy to pay them more money too. Right. So that quality training is definitely

    Mike Singletary: [00:11:58] key.

    Well, you’re [00:12:00] never going to get where you want to be in your business without people. Right? I mean, that’s impossible unless you’re just wanting to be a one man show type of name. You don’t really have a business. Right. You’re just, you know, you’re going to be yours and whenever you’re not there, there’s no money coming in.

    Yeah. So I am a huge believer. Yeah. And what is one of my, one of my unique abilities is the ability to no one pressed the gas and when the press breaks, you know? So I think that’s important, right? People want accountability, but you have to understand who they are. That’s I think that’s the key to like what really drives them.

    Cause some people you think that, Hey, I’m driven by money. Everybody’s driven by money. And some people aren’t like that. Right? I know a lot of people in our industry used Philippine DA’s because that’s the cheapest, you know, or whatever the case is, you can put three bucks, five bucks, whatever, but you have to also understand what their temperament is.

    Right. I mean, they’re not, and I’m not knocking them. The buckle BNB is, like I said, I have people that really I admire and I trust, but they’re they’re inmates. This position is I need to know every single step. Like I [00:13:00] literally, I got to know, step one, step one, B step two. You know what I mean? And if you don’t have to have that in place and you’re asking them to, you know, objectively come up with something, I think that, you know, you’re just setting them up for failure more times than not.

    Mike Hambright: [00:13:12] Yeah. Yeah. And I’m guilty of that too. We used to have, I just kind of said, well, this, this is your job. Do that piece. And after many years I kind of realized like, Hey, we need to have like town hall meetings, bring people together. So they understand what their, how their pieces in that greater context of the overall business.

    And even start to ask like, well, how can you help this person? Or, you know, what do you wish they knew about what you do? And it just makes everything stronger. This sounds so intuitive. Right. But for a long time, it was just easy, especially I think with VA’s cause they’re site out of mind, I’m paying them.

    There sounds like it looks like they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. And we just kind of let people run for awhile. But the truth is, is it’s real easy for them to either be a lot less productive than you thought on fulfilled. And certainly, you know, off the reservation, even maybe.

    [00:14:00] Mike Singletary: [00:13:59] Absolutely. And I mean, how do we counter that?

    I mean, we grow it into that as well, because we used to have an office in that role, virtual, like everybody has to have Hubstaff like, I just hired somebody, uh, yeah. Or an operation manager’s role. She’s actually state-based and she’s not used to being monitored in that way. And I’m like, that’s, that’s just a stipulation for hire.

    Right. So accountability there. Obviously people want to perform a little bit better. Uh, so, and also we have daily huddles, like we literally meet. Every single day in the morning, I have two different businesses. I meet one, a one to nine and the other one, nine 30, every single. Okay. Then we both obviously have a L tans and stuff like that too.

    So those are really, really important because if you’re not on top of them, you don’t, they don’t have to feel like they’re being watched and they’re virtual. I mean, you’re going to get yeah,

    Mike Hambright: [00:14:42] yeah, yeah. We we’ve, we’ve had some stuff happening and I, I can’t, I literally it’s, I can’t even say it online. Just, uh, some crazy, crazy stuff for sure.

    Uh, let’s just say, including the porn industry, I’ll leave it at that. So a

    Mike Singletary: [00:14:56] great, we all find stuff.

    Mike Hambright: [00:14:59] So [00:15:00] anyway, yeah. Oh, so let’s talk a little bit about kind of marketing and that and stuff. So I know a lot of real estate investors have made some huge strides in automation. Let’s say over the past few years systems that automate when I first started, um, I came from a technology company, an online retailer, and when I came into real estate, I was like, you know, this is Oh eight for me, but there were no, there were no CRMs for real estate investors.

    Like we use high rise, which is like a contact. In fact, we use Excel for a long time. Then we went to high rise, which. It doesn’t really even exist anymore, which is just a basic kind of contact manager. And we bounced around to a whole bunch of stuff, but the technology is, has changed dramatically, you know, certainly over the last five or six years, but what’s happened is a lot of real estate investors set up some automation.

    Sometimes it just kind of comes with the system they bought, but it doesn’t feel natural. Right. So you end up getting. Text messages that are robotic or are VMs that, you know, just messages are saying the wrong name. Like automation can go bad too. And [00:16:00] the intent is for it to always feel natural. And so I know you were telling me about, uh, you know, uh, an experience with automation where somebody sold somebody you’re interested and they hung up and then sent you a, like an RVM or something.

    It’s just, automation can go wrong, right. In this, in this industry.

    Mike Singletary: [00:16:13] I just think that, you know, an art in our quest to see simplify or get ourselves out of it, uh, we’ve missed. A lot of steps that are key, which is you got to pay attention to what’s going on. Right. You got to connect. Right. So technology is great, but man, I know some of the biggest investors and they still run their stuff off an Excel spreadsheet to a certain degree.

    And they’re still buying a lot because they’re really focused on the interaction. You know what I mean? All that stuff like that. But, but yeah, man, I mean, uh, that particular experience was so crazy, you know? I mean, I got a call cause every time I get a call, I want to know, I appreciate the sales process.

    I want to know

    Mike Hambright: [00:16:51] you’re a student of the process. I’m always learning

    Mike Singletary: [00:16:53] too. Yeah. I mean, somebody else even mentioned that I did the exact same thing. I mean, I’m not one time I bought an extermination [00:17:00] package. I’d even need it. I had already had one, but also impressed with that particular person. Right? Of course I try to hire them.

    They didn’t, they didn’t want to, but this is going back to this particular person. They call me. And I was like, yeah, I’m interested in selling a home. They automatically hung up. And the RBM hit right afterwards. And I’m like, that is the most bizarre

    Mike Hambright: [00:17:17] scene.

    Mike Singletary: [00:17:20] And I’ll get into that, man. We’ll all like, have these drips or have these whatever.

    And if you ever talk, have you ever listened to your ISA, which is the inside sales agent, if you don’t know, uh, you know, uh, and you hear somebody talking, they’re going into like a pain question and all of a sudden your eyes say bills, you know, how many bedrooms, a bath. You know what I mean? Like they’re, they’re so like, you know, they’re not trained

    Mike Hambright: [00:17:41] so focused on the script or filling out a form

    Mike Singletary: [00:17:44] right.

    The process, but you still have to be able to think it through that you were dealing with human beings and we gotta be able to have a human touch.

    Mike Hambright: [00:17:51] Yeah. Yep. Yeah. There’s a balance. And I was telling you the example too, of a, um, You know, I get, [00:18:00] we get it as real estate investor. Probably a lot of us get a lot of postcards because they’re trying to buy my rental properties, my portfolio, and everyone, while I get these postcards, I’m like, who the hell came up with this idea?

    It was usually, usually it’s something I’ll have a shortcut though. They like, they didn’t get printed on the back. It’s like that would have cost you a fraction of a penny to print on the other side, but in the name of saving a fraction of a penny, you lost 50% of your opportunity to share a message.

    Right. And, um, and I, and I know, I know what happens is just real estate investors that are like, what is the cheapest thing you got? Like, so just, uh, or I’ve told you, there’s people that are marketing to me and probably you and a lot of us that are for houses. I haven’t even owned for years. And it’s because they are using, I mean, you know, outdated data or they didn’t update it.

    And they’re like, well, I don’t know. I don’t want to pay for the list again, as if the list is the static thing, they’re like, just keep mailing. So what’s the cost of mailing to people that don’t even own houses anymore. It’s like such, it’s so wasteful, but in their mind, they’re trying to save money by just using an old list or [00:19:00] outdated data or cheap data.

    But the reality is, is. It’s not even the money they wasted by marketing to somebody it’s that they couldn’t reapply that money to somebody that actually would sell their house to them. Right. Like saving a thousand bucks on marketing. It might’ve cost you 20,000 bucks. So the house she didn’t get cause you wasted it marketing into somebody that was never going to sell to you.


    Mike Singletary: [00:19:18] Absolutely, man. I mean the difference between good, the greatest details, right? So, I mean, a lot of us, you know, especially, yeah, we’re a, an I’m Heidi, I’m off the charts on the D side, you know what I mean? Uh, details. This is my forte. I have to surround myself with people that are like that. But going back to the list, you’re absolutely right.

    I mean, cause w within a skip for us within our data, that is the number one thing that we see that really kind of trips people up. They give us a list. That’s not formatted correctly. They give us an older list. Stuff like that. They’re just trying to recycle just like you said, things in and, and opportunity cost man.

    Opportunity cost is huge. You don’t even know what that is truthfully. Right. So, yeah. So yeah, I agree.

    Mike Hambright: [00:19:57] Yup. Yup. Awesome. And [00:20:00] I think, you know, even, even in this age of like, I’m going to learn what I need to know in a free, so in a free Facebook group, right. There’s so much misinformation out there. And, and sometimes it’s people like, why would you pay for.

    Coaching or be around mentors or things like that. I can just get what I want in this forum or in an, a free Facebook group. And I mean, I know I’m not alone with seeing information that’s posted in some of these groups that are like, Oh my God, like that is the worst advice I’ve ever heard. And people are like, Oh, this is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to go do that. That’s just, it’s just bad advice. Right? So it’s in the name of saving money on finding out the right way to do it. Yeah. Somebody told me what to do when I checked the

    Mike Singletary: [00:20:37] box. I mean, I get that all the time. It’s ironic that we’re talking about this because I mean, I’m a big believer in coaches.

    I’m a big, I mean, every other industry has a coach, you know, every whatever. And for whatever reason, you know, we’re, we’re stepping over dollars to pick up pennies and the Latin this industry, you know what I mean? Um, uh, but yeah. I mean to me, it’s nothing like surrounding yourself with high quality [00:21:00] people.

    I mean, we just naturally gravitate to that level, you know, and it’s just a human nature. I mean, um, and I was just having a conversation yesterday with somebody that’s extremely high way higher than I ever am right now. And I’m striving to be right. And they’re just giving me nuggets that man. Oh my God, that’s going to save me tens of thousands of dollars.

    I know it’s just a common thing for them. I mean, it was just nothing for them to say it. Right. And I was like, wow, that’s powerful. Right. Or, or being a part of groups. I mean, obviously I’m a part of your mastermind. And we talked about this a little earlier where, um, you know, just being a part of those relationships has really propelled, uh, my thinking and just, you can’t help it.

    Mike Hambright: [00:21:39] Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. Would you mind, you’ve been, you’ve been a member of investor fuel from, from almost the very back beginning. Right? Where were you at the very first meeting you were there day one, your, your, we call you G so, uh, it’s by the way, we’re coming up on a three year anniversary. So we certainly appreciate you being a part of it from the beginning.

    Mike, would you mind sharing just [00:22:00] how investor fuel is kind of helped you in your business or maybe even helped you in your personal life?

    Mike Singletary: [00:22:04] Yeah, absolutely man. I mean, uh, you know, just kind of go and touch back on what I was saying before. Um, when I, when I got into investor fuel, I was, I was coming out of another system.

    That’s what the marketing way are not out of my hands. That’s a complete fish out of water. Right. Um, and so just the enabled to be connected with a certain type of people in a certain level. Was huge. I felt, man, I felt totally uncomfortable, man. I told inadequate, I felt, you know, all this other stuff, which I still feel all the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, which is great. You know, like I’m in other groups now where I’m like, I don’t even understand what the hell they’re talking about. And I love it, you know, because I know that X give me some time I’ll get there. So I think that. The power of a mastermind for my particular, this is I would never be where I am right now.

    I’m like, okay, I’m not saying this because, uh, you’re on, on your pack at the podcast. I’m saying this because of this, the truth, um, the ability to exchange information with people members. Uh, and even some people that are not a part of the [00:23:00] group anymore, you don’t need our in and out or stuff like that, but numbers is just invaluable to me.

    It has been fantastic. So I appreciate that. And my honor, you on that one, man, I appreciate you putting that together. You and Stenson.

    Mike Hambright: [00:23:12] Awesome. Glad to glad you’re a part of it, buddy. So you obviously run a data company for helping people with skip tracing. They want a text message or cold call. You’re a real estate investor, central, Texas.

    It folks want to learn more about you skip for us any of those things. Where can they go? Give us some, give us some links.

    Mike Singletary: [00:23:27] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So ironically, we’re talking about, you know, uh, uh, uh, pricing. So for them, it’s good for us. We’re doing this media blitz right now. We’ve given 5 cents price increases about your dad who was just really unheard of.

    So we’re really kind of finding that way wave. Like how could we get it possible? It’d be a bit five minutes, but that’s only going to be there for two months cause we’re making a splash so you can add skip Okay. Uh, the find out a little bit more about that. We’ve got to put two more months of that and it’s going to go back up to a more standard pricing.

    Michael Singletary of Facebook, man. I’d love to connect with anybody. I mean, most of my day, quite honestly, you would think that, you know, 80% of my days on skills, of course you would think I’m talking about [00:24:00] skip Tracy, your dad and all that stuff. But truthfully, I’m really connecting with people on how they operate their business.

    And I just, man, that’s my jam. I love it. So yeah. Uh, you know, reach out and love to talk to you.

    Mike Hambright: [00:24:10] Awesome. Awesome. We’ll add some links down in the notes here for everybody to want to check you out. So well, Mike, thanks for joining me today.

    Mike Singletary: [00:24:17] I appreciate you, Mike.

    Mike Hambright: [00:24:18] Good to see a buddy. Hope you guys got some good value today.

    The truth is, is don’t get hung up on units. Don’t get hung up on, uh, always on quantity. I see, right? A lot of what we do is quality where you can’t, you can’t put units in the bank as I like to say. So those deals that you’re wasting your time and resources on. On that aren’t going to make you a lot of money.

    You could have been spending that time on something else. God forbid enjoying your life more. Right. Even so, but appreciate you guys for joining us on another episode. If you haven’t yet subscribed on iTunes, Stitcher, Google play YouTube, wherever you’re watching, you’re listening right now. You can access all of our shows up to date, and of course you can find them all on investor

    Our next uh, event is coming up very quickly, actually. So if you haven’t yet talked to us about investor fuel and how it might. [00:25:00] Change your life and change your business in a significant way. I’d invite you to go to investor You’re going to kind of apply basically means schedule a call with us to, uh, ask some questions back and forth.

    See if we’re a fit for one another. And, uh, I’d love for you to do that. If it makes sense for you. Appreciate you all see on the next show.

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