Welcome back to the show! Today, we’re here with my buddy, Mike Kessler out of Salt Lake City. He gets about half of his deals from networking and actually, I have gotten a lot of my deals over the years from networking as well. If you’re not doing it, you should be doing more of that because they are free deals honestly!

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    [00:00:00] Mike Hambright: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show today. We’re with my buddy Mike Kessler, out of salt Lake city. And he gets about half of his deals from networking. And actually I’ve gotten a lot of my deals over the years from networking as well. If you’re not doing it, you should be doing more of that because they’re free deals, honestly.

    So we’re going to talk more about that today. Networking for deals.

    Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate back real estate is just a vehicle of freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country meets several times a year at the investor fuel real estate mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends.

    And builds more fulfilling lives for all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation in our businesses and our lives.

    I’m glad you’re here.

    [00:01:00] Hey, Mike, welcome to the show.

    Mike Kessler: [00:01:08] Hey, thanks for having me. This is awesome. Cool experience.

    Mike Hambright: [00:01:11] Yeah. Glad, glad to have you here. Um, and honestly, this topic resonated really well with me. You know, a lot of people have heard me say this on our show before we always talk to guests that are on a little bit ahead of time.

    And we come up with what we’re going to talk about. And, you know, I like talking about stuff that resonates with what I do to what I believe or whatever, because, uh, You know, um, it just makes for a little more exciting conversation, I guess. And honestly, I found over the years, there’s a lot of ways to help people help a lot of newer real estate investors get started and benefit in the process by doing deals along with them.

    And you’ve turned that into like half of your business, right?

    Mike Kessler: [00:01:47] Yeah. Over the last. So we just switched from doing more fix and flip types of deals. We’re now kind of a full, full service, a wholesaling company by 18 months ago. And I realized that [00:02:00] a deal acquisition is kind of an important thing. And I realize that I could probably turn some of the people that are I networked with into deal finders.

    Yeah. So that’s what we’ve done. Yeah. Because we just help people learn how to find them, these opportunities and in return. Yeah. No I’m helping them and their business and if they need help, they reach out and be glad to work with them as well. Yeah,

    Mike Hambright: [00:02:26] that’s great. That’s great. Hey, before we dive in to this a little more fully,

    Mike Kessler: [00:02:30] why don’t you tell us your background,

    Mike Hambright: [00:02:31] how you got started in real estate investing?

    Yeah, you

    Mike Kessler: [00:02:33] bet. So, um, so it was actually back in 2006, so I’ve been doing this a long, long time. Um, and I wish I had a better business to show for it. But the first handful of years, I was just, I I’m, I’m a construction guy. So my dad was in general construction. He was a general contractor. I grew up building houses with him.

    And, uh, so I, I know how to build stuff. I know how to fix stuff. I I’m really good with my hands, [00:03:00] but when it comes to working smart and, and building a business, I don’t know how to do any of that kind of stuff. So when I first started, it was all just trying to hands on. I read some books and I didn’t know how to network, or I didn’t have any mentors and have any.

    Anything that I should have had back then. So for about five years, I just fumbled through it and figured my way through some stuff and just did it through the school of hard knocks is how I did it. I made some mistakes when the market turned back in 2009 and 10, and I ended up having to go get a w two job.

    So I ended up going to work for another company, um, doing some real estate coaching is what I did. Yeah. And so I, I, you coach people for about three years and in that process, I started to connect with actual seasoned investors and seasoned people that are really doing a business in this, in this business.

    And so I, I kind of did more of what I was teaching other people do. I was doing it myself. And so I saw my business starting to change and I was able to get [00:04:00] back out of the w two job and full time as an investor in 2015. So my business has really been growing. For about the last five years. And, uh, so we now have a full, full fledged business.

    Plus we’ve got cash flowing properties that kind of sustain us on a monthly basis. And so it works. It definitely works well. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah.

    Mike Hambright: [00:04:20] So for, for, um, kind of networking, like one of the things that I did early on is before I, before I got into coaching, actually my, my, uh, I guess my path was.

    That I just started teaching other people and I didn’t really know why I was doing it. Kind of got joy out. I mean, this is a lonely business, right? So when I first started, I didn’t talk to anybody. I mean, we go to REIA clubs and, you know, mostly it was a couple of people there that are actually doing deals and they’re usually right.

    Pumping their chest everywhere, the whole bunch of people that have never done anything know it’s not really the type of place you go. And. If you’re, if you’re a real investor that you go to have collaborative conversations with people. Right. And [00:05:00] then I think I, at some point I was like, well, maybe ego, like all these newbies, like they want to talk to me.

    Right. So it’s like, well, let me show you how I did this. And then they ask a lot of questions. And honestly, I know there’s a lot of, uh, there’s some negative connotations out there about coaching. I honestly believe. Being a coach for almost 11 years now, it’s made me a better or a business person and a better investor because when I have to explain to somebody how to do something, and every time I explain how to do something, I catch myself explaining it the right way.

    Even though I’m still doing it the wrong way. Sometimes it just forces me to rethink how I do things. Right. It just makes me stronger. Um, and they can benefit in the process. So I’m guessing you’ve, you’ve seen some of that as well,

    Mike Kessler: [00:05:39] right? Yeah. So over the years it’s really been in the last two years. Um, I got involved with the back end of the salt Lake Rhea.

    Um, I got involved with the, uh, there was another company as an education company is over, not us. Um, but we, uh, basically between those two groups, there’s a large enough [00:06:00] network here in our area where there’s just, like you said, tons and tons of people that don’t know how to do what we’re doing. And there’s just like three or five people that are doing all the deals in the whole room.

    I mean, that’s like, that’s exactly how they are. Right. And so I saw that as an opportunity and said, okay, how can I leverage what I know. And how could it benefit the lives of other people? Because they’re, they’re doing what I started to do years and years ago, just trying to get as much information as I can trying to provide for a family, trying to make ends meet out of this whole thing.

    And, but I know that if I stick with it long enough, I’ll figure it out and hopefully become one of those statistics that say, you know, more millionaires are created about a real estate. So hopefully that’ll happen to me one day. That’s why they’re all there. Right. All there for that same reason, right?

    Yeah. So I, I felt like if I could provide some things value to other people [00:07:00] that I might be able to, you know, for one it’s satisfying and fulfilling, but for two, it might be a good opportunity to be able to network and partner on deals. And I create opportunities for everyone.

    Mike Hambright: [00:07:14] Yeah. And it’s a win, win situation.

    I mean, I’ve sold lots of coaching and we won’t get into like the sales side of it. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve paid lots of money for coaching and building my education and stuff like that. But there also is something that’s a kind of a. I guess a raw and real about partnering on deals, right?

    It’s like, if you do it right, and I think you do it this way too, is it’s not just, they’re not just bird dogs that throw a deal over the fence and it worked out for you and you never see them again. You do in a way to where you educate people. Like you’re not, you’re not the person of last resort they’re coming to.

    You’re the first person they’re coming to you because they trust you. And you’ve built up that

    Mike Kessler: [00:07:52] relationship and you’re getting first crack at deals versus last crack. Right? Exactly. Yeah. So, so in fact, literally at [00:08:00] a 30 minutes ago, I just got off a call. This is as a networking deal that I just got. And, um, so I was on the phone.

    With the person that brought me the leave. Right? So I’m talking to the seller, I’m on the phone when negotiate. Now I’ve already met with the seller. This is now our third encounter with the seller. Um, last Friday he agreed to a price, but then the weekend, he changed his mind. I tried to get him to sign the contract right then, but he’s actually now in Dominican Republic.

    So he was flying out of town. It was just a mess anyways. So he changed his mind now on a $20,000 more for the same property. In like three days and I’m like, what just happened?

    Mike Hambright: [00:08:39] Yeah.

    Mike Kessler: [00:08:40] And so obviously he had more concerns and more things that we had to resolve, but here is the response with the person that brought me the lead he’s on the phone with me.

    And all he’s doing is just listening. And I’m the one doing all the negotiating and talking with the homeowner. And at the end of the day, I got rid of the 20,000 bucks. We kept our [00:09:00] original deal. We changed the contract just a little bit, but now the seller’s like, yeah, I’m ready to do it. Let’s go ahead and move forward.

    And I said, are you sure there’s nothing else that we need to cover before we move forward? He’s like, no, no, no. I’m not going to cut back anymore. I’m good with this, my height. That’s good. And, and, and the person that I was on the phone after the call, he is like, Mike, that was just amazing to hear you talk to the homeowner and to not give in to that $20.

    If it were me, I would have said, okay, I’ll give you 20,000 bucks and ready to go. Right. But it was so amazing to hear you do it. And I’m just learning so much through the process. This is our second deal with the same person, and I guarantee we’ll have more and more with them. So it’s just awesome to see what value it can help for them and their business.

    And, you know, he’s getting paid on every deal with clubs.

    Mike Hambright: [00:09:49] Yep. Yep. And the good part is, uh, you know, for you too, is these deals are, um, You know that they’re not totally gift wrapped. Like you said, you just, you had that kind of, uh, [00:10:00] bring this one over to the goal line, but they’re free. You don’t have to spend advertising dollars on that, right?

    Mike Kessler: [00:10:04] Oh yeah. I liked that part for sure. A big part of our business is we spend thousands of thousands of dollars every month marketing to people and getting phone calls and my phone to read. Uh, but yeah, these types of phone calls and these types of deals are very, very different. So sort of just last night I got to Facebook messenger messages and then this morning I got another text from individuals.

    I paid $0 for those inbound leads from these other people. So yeah, it’s totally free. These are people that are like, yeah, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to handle this. Uh, if I partner with you on this deal, would you help me out type of thing? Yup.

    Mike Hambright: [00:10:47] Yup. Yeah. We’re, we’re even doing some big multi-family now there’s big things that we’re doing.

    I mean, we aspire to do it on our own, but right now we give up pieces of our deal or we take lower equity positions and things just because. We know it’s education. I’m, it’s [00:11:00] ultimately costing me money to learn, but that’s just part of the process. And more people get comfortable with being willing to give up piece of a pie or, or

    Mike Kessler: [00:11:10] split deals or whatever.

    Mike Hambright: [00:11:12] It just makes you learn that much faster. And someday you won’t, most people won’t have to do that. Right?

    Mike Kessler: [00:11:16] Absolutely. And that’s what I tell people, as I say, you know what? I get it, you know, your very first few deals, you’re going to have to split some of the pie and I totally get it. You want to keep all of it.

    And what I’d like to do is I want to get you there. So my, like, I honestly want people to be safe, self sufficient. They need to provide it for them, the families, they need to get their dreams and goals themselves. But if I’m just a part of the process to help them get there. That’s really what I do. So I tell him, I say, I don’t want you to rely on me five years from now.

    You should be able to do this on your own, all by yourself, just as you’re learning and getting started. It doesn’t hurt to learn from someone that’s doing it all the time.

    Mike Hambright: [00:11:57] Yeah. And you saved that deal by the way. I mean, I don’t know if you still could have done it [00:12:00] with a $20,000 price point, but

    Mike Kessler: [00:12:02] no,

    Mike Hambright: [00:12:02] I think, uh, you know, the truth is, is like they probably would’ve lost that deal otherwise.

    And I think, you know, one of the thing that happens with, with bringing people along like that is it helps to build up their confidence because sometimes, you know, investors aren’t sure, Hey, they don’t really know how it works yet, or they’re not sure that deals like that can be done right.

    Mike Kessler: [00:12:21] Yeah, absolutely.

    Well, he, I mean, this was a fairly creative deal. It’s a subject to a purchase on a rental property is what it is. So it’s actually from a pretty seasoned investor who we’re buying it from. And, uh, so he, you know, he’s, he knows what he’s doing and he’s not, uh, selling this at a huge discount because he is going through a bankruptcy or something.

    I mean, it’s so crazy, you know, at the end of the day, I don’t think he could have gotten that deal on his own. And kept it where it was originally where we originally negotiated it.

    Mike Hambright: [00:12:54] Yeah. So, yeah. So not, not related to that deal specifically, but generally you’re [00:13:00] getting about half your deals through networking and, uh, you’re primarily kind of co wholesaling number you’re wholesaling them on, right?

    Mike Kessler: [00:13:07] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So we’re pretty much full time wholesaling right now. Um, I have picked up a couple of, uh, rental deals and a couple of fixing flips. With other partners and stuff. I just had a fix and flip partner come to me and said, Hey, Mike, I want to partner with you on this particular deal. And I’m so, you know, just a network opportunity to share without he’s doing all the rehab, all the work.

    I basically just help got the deal set up, you know, since I’m a contractor, I got the permits from the city, that kind of thing. So I did some upfront work. He’s doing all the backend work and it’s a sweet deal. So we’ll get paid pretty well on it. On the, on the end of it. So he just doing the majority of the work for sure.

    Yeah. So, yeah, but definitely by far the, the most of the, you know, 90% of all the deals we’re doing are wholesale transaction. So they’re very quick. And that’s usually what I tell people is, is, you know, [00:14:00] if you find that opportunity, if you want to get cash in your bank account in like two weeks or less, you know, that’s what I can do.

    I can help the form and get money in your bank account right now. If you want to fix and flip and do it, maybe get a little bit more money out of it. You’re going to wait four to six months and then you can get some money vacant. So do you want money now or do you want money later? Yup.

    Mike Hambright: [00:14:21] Yup. Yup. Awesome.

    And so how do you find, um, I guess talk a bit about how you build and have kind of built your network to where people are continuously bringing you deals.

    Mike Kessler: [00:14:34] Yeah, so, yeah. Great question. So I’m building it kind of in a different way right now, but where I first started about 18 months ago, two years ago, I started with, um, some local investment groups and basically created a name of somebody that has a little bit of experience and I’m willing to give back.

    So basically what I’ve done is I’ve created some study groups. Um, through these [00:15:00] other investments, you know, RIAs and, and through that other education company, um, uh, I created a study group that I meet with people on a weekly basis. So right now, um, I meet on Thursday afternoons. Um, and I literally just kind of do some educational stuff.

    So some training, some, some it’s really not technically I can’t call myself a coach or a mentor, but, you know, in essence I’m facilitating discussion. Sure. It’s probably what I do. And so then a lot of people come to these and you’ll say, ask me questions. And we have discussions based upon different topics and things like that.

    I’ve been doing that for awhile. So I’ve got this little, I guess a little bit of a, I have a following of people that, you know, like the content that I deliver and help and create them. And people like really are doing real deals. On the content of the stuff that we talk about. So now what I’ve done is I’ve changed it about three months ago.

    I just changed it into a [00:16:00] Facebook group that now talks about just those transactions. So now I take people from our group. That has been utilizing the training, the study, the group that we’ve been doing. And we now just talk about their deals they’ve completed. Yeah. So every Thursday we go over a deal, they just completed it.

    Then we’d talk about step by step. So know the listeners and the people on the, on the call. They’re getting huge value because all we’re doing is just diving in. How did you find that deal? That’s always the first question. How did you get into that one? Right. So we talk about how they did it. All the way to getting money into the bank account and I verify every deal.

    So I’ve had them send me over the purchase agreements, the sales agreements, so that we’re talking about real life transactions, not just fictitious, I made a million dollars. Right, right, right.

    Mike Hambright: [00:16:51] Yeah. That’s great. I mean, case studies are great. I love case studies. I teach case studies. I like to follow case studies when I’m trying to learn something myself, I want to see how do you architect the [00:17:00] deal?

    Like, how do you, how does this happen? Right. So whether, you know, uh, I just think people

    Mike Kessler: [00:17:04] learn.

    Mike Hambright: [00:17:06] Academically, you know, you learn the most real estate by actually doing right. Having something to happen. Cause it never works out the way academically that it was supposed to work. And you’re like, okay, well, how did you pivot?

    Or how did you make that happen? Or how did you overcome that issue, right? Case that allow you to learn from a, a nasty deal. Cause they all have. They all have components that nobody expected. They’re all weird deals for us. Right.

    Mike Kessler: [00:17:29] And nothing’s the same every time,

    Mike Hambright: [00:17:32] right? Yeah.

    Mike Kessler: [00:17:34] For instance, one of the, so this last Thursday, uh, one of the case studies that I had was a local investor here and he literally just made 40 grand on a flip, like he just sold it six weeks ago and he’s a brand new investor.

    He started like 18 months ago and he’s now. Transitioning, he’s gone part time as an engineer, and he’s looking to go full time as a real estate investor sometime the next six. So he’s making this huge [00:18:00] transition there as a full time engineer and the full time investing. And he’s now, you know, I’m not changing his family’s life forever.

    The beginning of the call, he said, Mike, I was living paycheck to paycheck every single month. Once I did my first transaction, I had 30 grand in the bank account. That’s never happened in my life like ever. And so it’s just amazing to see, you know, so many people get to change what they’re doing because of what real estate to provide.

    Mike Hambright: [00:18:28] Yeah. No doubt. No doubt. Awesome. And so primarily are using, uh, kind of your relationships through different REIA clubs or different local education platforms, bringing people into a Facebook group, primarily doing case studies and other things that help people learn. It builds up your credibility too, right?

    Because people see you’re helpful. You’re answering our questions or you, you know, you just, honestly, people get a lot of value out of, um,

    Mike Kessler: [00:18:52] just, you know, being

    Mike Hambright: [00:18:54] able to ask questions and have somebody respond. I mean, uh, for sure. And then, yeah, then I guess at some [00:19:00] point along the line, you’re making people aware like, Hey, if you ever have a deal in your stock or you want a JV on a deal, you

    Mike Kessler: [00:19:05] come to me.

    Right. You know, I don’t even say that a whole lot. I’ll be honest with ya. Um, I’m I’m not a big sales, you kind of a guy. Um, but I do. You know, people just reach out because they know that I’m doing transactions and I help other people do transactions. And usually the word kind of is getting out. Right. And so, you know, I’ve been really been focusing on it the last year and a half.

    Uh, no, I’m sorry about the last year. And it’s now starting to trickle in, I’m starting to get more and more people that are recognizing that I help more than I try to take for people. So, yeah. So it’s, it’s working. And then we do last year, we did about 50% of our deals were networking transactions. And this year, so far, we’re.

    That’s 50% as well.

    Mike Hambright: [00:19:50] Yeah. That’s great. So do you do much with, uh, like it’s kind of, you know, usually widely known wholesaler deals, they overpaid, you know, you see people marketing deals and [00:20:00] you’re like, Oh my God, where did they come up with those numbers at? Even if you use their numbers, it doesn’t look like it’s a good deal.

    Right. And, and, and, and I get it, like they they’re being academic about it. They haven’t done anything deals yet. So they may have overpaid. Like you just saved that deal. Do you turn, do you have any


    Mike Kessler: [00:20:14] deals that you like.

    Mike Hambright: [00:20:15] Help turn around, like, Hey, that’s not really a deal for me, but if you can get the seller down to this, or if you can do that, or, I mean, did you kind of educate people to turn basically turn lemons into lemonade?

    Mike Kessler: [00:20:25] Yeah. Oh, for sure. Um, yeah, definitely. We, we closed on a rental property back in December, this investor brand new investor and their very first deal. They did a fix and flip it’s fully rehab property. It looked pretty nice. There was a couple of things that we found later on. Uh, fortunately that weren’t so nice.

    But, uh, but overall it was a pretty nice rehab, but they were, they were actually upside down, you know, they put too much money into the house and they couldn’t sell it for what they had into it. They ended up losing money on the deal, but the problem was they couldn’t sell it. The hard money lender was, you know, where’s my money.

    I want to get this money [00:21:00] paid off. And he also had a private money lender. So he was a big mess. And so from that deal, we actually, we ended up buying it because over time it was a great deal. And if we knew how to structure it to work and make sense. So, so we ended up, um, doing that one and yeah, I found that actually this year we’ve been able to just fix a number of other deals.

    Um, one of them, I did end up buying, but I gave a lot of advice to the hard money lender that lent on that deal and said, Hey, I’ve recommend doing these few things and you can save you your, and your investors money. Um, so yeah, we, we definitely will fix things, you know, as much as they come up for sure.

    Mike Hambright: [00:21:38] That’s great. And how about, um, like repeat, repeat business? Like if you treat people right. I assume those deals are coming back. I mean, you’re getting repeat business from, uh, some of the same people, right?

    Mike Kessler: [00:21:48] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So I try to treat people right. And I’m very, very transparent with them.

    Um, I, because I help people through the whole process, not, not [00:22:00] just from going and getting a contract and then I go close the deal. Like I literally have them at the appointment with me. I have them on the calls when I’m talking to the homeowner, I have them at the closing table. I have them at the inspection period.

    I have them there. So they see the whole process of what I’m doing. Cause I. I don’t expect people to use me for the next 10 years to help them with transactions. Now I love it, partnering with them, but I feel like if you treat people right to right by them and make sure money is getting to their pockets, not just 500 bucks and then always going to come back to you.

    So this last deal, um, we just closed, um, With, uh, with, with one of my partners, we just closed a couple of weeks ago. Uh, sometimes we’ll do like a 50 50 split. Depends on how much work I do. Sometimes it’s a 70, 30, 70, 25 split. Um, but, uh, but yeah, I mean, money’s going into their pocket every time, like good money.

    Mike Hambright: [00:22:54] Yeah. That’s great. That’s great. And then how do you recommend that people are hearing this? And a lot of stuff we talked [00:23:00] about is intuitive, but what are some tips you could give to kind of seasoned investors that want to start. Helping people more and in the process have some deals, uh, kind of fall in their lap if

    Mike Kessler: [00:23:12] you will.

    That’s what it is. Yeah. Cause deals will just show up. Um, so getting started, you have to recognize it’s going to take time. You’re uh, you’re either going to spend money on marketing dollars to bring in leads or you’re going to spend time with people and I’ve chosen to do this route because I like working with people.

    I like people seeing, you know, I like seeing them succeed. And, uh, and I, and I, frankly, I like to do training and teaching and coaching and that kind of stuff. I, I enjoy that kind of stuff. So, so as part of a, kind of like the inner. Fulfillment thing for me as well that I look forward to. So, so just recognize, first of all, if you’re we’re going to do this, it’s going to take time.

    That’s the biggest thing. So you need to [00:24:00] show up on the Thursday night meetings, you need to show up on your, you know, whatever now your is meeting. Um, and then I would recommend, you know, once you get a handful of people that are kind of following you a little bit, Um, generally through Facebook, I’d say most people are to, you know, Instagram or Facebook, then create some sort of a, a group and then a purpose that group has to have a purpose and why it’s operating so that it draws people in.

    And then those people, once they start getting the value out of it, then they’re going to start referring other people to the same group. So our group is now starting to grow. We just started our Facebook. I just start a brand new Facebook group just a few months ago. And it started to grow. You know, we had six to 10, 12, 50 members a week.

    Right now, and it’s just barely starting to grow and, and then I’m getting people messaging me during the week saying, Hey, I love this video. Thank you so much for doing that. All my goodness. That last one was just so incredible. Right. So that’s now that’s what we’ve done so [00:25:00] far. I’m excited to see what happens the next year, for sure.

    For sure. And

    Mike Hambright: [00:25:02] I, and I I’d probably add, like for people that are listening to this, like, don’t, you’re not going to have a a hundred thousand people in this group. Like this is a local group, you know, it’s more local to you. Like you don’t want to be one of the big. You know, massive groups that kind of take over and people are spamming the hell out of it and stuff.

    This is like your, this is like your corner of the room to talk to people, if you will, right. About how to view stuff and add value every once in awhile. Yeah.

    Mike Kessler: [00:25:25] Right. Right.

    Mike Hambright: [00:25:26] Awesome. Well, uh, sort of adding value and giving back and stuff. That’s obviously one of the things that we do, we believe a lot at investor fuel.

    You’ve been a member of investor fuel for a little while now. Um, Mike, would you mind just sharing a quick little testimonial on what investor fuel is meant for you, your business or your life?

    Mike Kessler: [00:25:43] Yeah. If, if anyone’s, you know, you can talk about taking their business to the next level. That’s really why I joined it.

    Um, I, uh, I don’t think it’s from a beginning investor. I think it would be too overwhelming. Uh, but it’s, it’s, it’s for the [00:26:00] investor. That’s doing one to three deals a month and they’re like, Hey, I want to get to where I’m doing five to 10 deals or even more than that per month. Um, I don’t think that there’s a better source or a better.

    Way to do it. There’s so many people in here that I’ve met. I’ve only been a part of it for six months and I’ve met so many just amazing people. Everyone is just so giving and generous of their time and willing to give their knowledge and experience. And, um, I haven’t had anyone say, no, I’m not willing to share that with you.

    Not once. Has anyone ever said that? They say, Oh yeah, no problem. Yeah. Let me send that over to you. And it’s been amazing. And so, you know, if you comment with a giving attitude, I try to give as much as they can. I feel unfortunately, like I maybe ask a few more questions that I

    Mike Hambright: [00:26:44] give, but,

    Mike Kessler: [00:26:45] um, but I’m happy to share as much knowledge as I can.

    You know, some people reach out to me about some of the things I do well, and then I reach out to other people, you know, things that they did really well. It’s fantastic.

    Mike Hambright: [00:26:56] Awesome. I appreciate that, buddy. So if folks wanted to connect [00:27:00] with you, maybe learn more of what you’re doing and working on, where can they go to connect?

    Mike Kessler: [00:27:04] Yeah, I’d say the easiest way is jump onto that Facebook group is called the, the real estate action group. It’s a local here in salt Lake city. Uh, anyone can jump into it and say it is a private group, but, um, it’s not limited to any one. So if you’re interested in just real estate investing, you’re interested in networking, but if you’d like to just see some real deals, real transactions that are happening.

    That’s what we do is in the, in the real estate, actually grouper or thinking about growing it a little bit more, maybe putting some accountability pieces in there for people. Um, but, uh, we haven’t yet, so, but it’s, it’s, I I’m finding I’m servicing that and helping, you know, just continue to give value to people is as they’re growing their own businesses.

    So that’ll be awesome. So that’s probably the easiest way. Shoot me a messenger. Messages while her eight

    Mike Hambright: [00:27:50] and it’s called the real estate action group. Is that she said,

    Mike Kessler: [00:27:52] yeah, real estate. We’ll find it after

    Mike Hambright: [00:27:55] we get off here. And I’ll yeah, we’ll put a link in the show notes for you that, uh, want to [00:28:00] want the easy button to get out.


    Mike Kessler: [00:28:03] only for people that want to take action. That’s right. And the name says it, all

    Mike Hambright: [00:28:06] the name says it all. If you’re not an action taker, don’t join.

    Mike Kessler: [00:28:10] Exactly

    Mike Hambright: [00:28:11] awesome. Mike will. Hey, congrats on your continued success. Definitely appreciate you sharing some time with us today and sharing your knowledge. I think this is a great opportunity to give back help others.

    And when yourself in the

    Mike Kessler: [00:28:21] process. Yeah. Thank you. No, this is fine. Joanne Mike, and you’re always amazing to just network as well. So I really appreciate this opportunity.

    Mike Hambright: [00:28:29] Absolutely everybody. Thanks for joining us. I hope we got some good value out of the information Mike shared here. Honestly, I’ve gotten a, I told them about a third of my deals over a hundreds of deals over the last 12 years have come through my network.

    And, uh, it’s a powerful tool because you don’t pay advertising dollars to warm and generally your. Helping out some people and building some relationships in the process. And like he said, he, it’s the gift that keeps on giving if you serve

    Mike Kessler: [00:28:50] people,

    Mike Hambright: [00:28:51] right. Um, they’re going to bring you deals again and again and again at no advertising cost, which is a great thing these days.

    So hope you guys got some good value. If you haven’t yet subscribed [00:29:00] to the investor shoe fuel show. I appreciate it. If you did wherever you’re watching it right now, you can subscribe. Of course you can get access to all of our [email protected] So appreciate you guys. We’ll see you on the next show.

    Mike Kessler: [00:29:15] Are you an

    Mike Hambright: [00:29:15] active real estate investor? If

    Mike Kessler: [00:29:17] so, and you want to latch onto the power of surrounding yourself with over a hundred of the nation’s leading

    Mike Hambright: [00:29:23] real estate investor.

    Mike Kessler: [00:29:25] All committed to building stronger businesses and living richer fuller lives.

    Mike Hambright: [00:29:30] You should jump on a call with us to learn more about Bester fuel.

    Simply visit investor

    Mike Kessler: [00:29:35] fuel.com

    Mike Hambright: [00:29:37] to get started. .