I have been in some form of real estate since I was 20. First. managed apartments complexes in Texas, then got involved in commercial real estate buying and selling along with leasing. I have a rental portfolio of commercial and residential real estate and have been "flipping" houses for 25 years. I have completed well over 400 deals. My strategy is simple: acquire real estate to build a retirement portfolio while managing cash flow. Buy properties, hold "specific" properties as rentals, have positive cash flow while annually increasing rents, receive tax benefits, and hopefully appreciation, build a rental portfolio, then sell the others that we don't want to keep as rentals and repeat. It's a balance between holding as many properties as possible and flipping enough to have the desired cash to live and build wealth. 
Sandia Real Estate Investments
- 15 years
- Wholesale
- Rehab
- Rentals
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