As VP of Sales for LendingOne, Kris is currently responsible for overseeing the inside sales team as well as LendingOne's team of Business Development Managers for both the company’s retail and wholesale channels. Prior to taking the role with LendingOne, Kris worked in a variety of roles in the Wealth Management space. Most recently, he held an executive level Training and Development role with Financial Engines (formerly The Mutual Fund Store), a publicly traded company specializing in financial planning for people and businesses of all kinds across the country. Kris began with The Mutual Fund Store, when the organization was in its infancy, as a Financial Advisor. He began his career on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and has worked at Morgan Stanley as well as Merrill Lynch. He has also owned a number of franchises and has also been a real estate investor since 2002. 

Kris lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife, Julie and their two children, Madison and Ethan. They are originally from Philadelphia, have lived in Kansas City and decided in 2017 that it was time to move to the beach where love spending much of their time. They also spend much of their time on the volleyball court with their daughter and on the baseball field with their son. Kristopher is in the process of writing his first book, which he expects to complete and publish in late 2018. Just ask him about it...
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